Fieragricola 2023

The DIECI electric telehandler at Fieragricola 2024

The DIECI electric telehandler will make its début for the Italian public at the 116th edition of Fieragricola, from 31 January to 3 February 2024.

Innovation drives DIECI’s future: we talk about it with CEO Ciro Correggi

Another successful year for DIECI, which focusses on innovation also for 2024. CEO Ciro Correggi tells us about it.
a telehandler for livestock farming

Samson: a telehandler for livestock farming in South Africa

Thanks to its power and load capacity, the Samson telehandler is making its mark at Randell's Ranch, a South African livestock farm.

Telehandler: strength and reliability in support of the Italian Civil Protection Department

The versatility and reliability of the Samson telehandler make it the go-to vehicle for the emergency services.
sollevatore telescopico elettrico

MINI AGRI-E: the customisable, flexible electric telehandler that puts the customer at the centre

How did DIECI-E and the Mini Agri-e, DIECI's first 100% electric telehandler, come about? We ask Davide Comastri, the project manager leading the project.
Dumper DIECI

Moving materials on construction sites with a dumper

With DIECI dumpers, you can keep your construction site safe and clean while speeding up work cycles and getting the most out of your investment.
electric telehandler

Welcome Mini Agri-e: the new DIECI electric telehandler at Agritechnica 2023

Dieci awaits you at Agritechnica 2023 to unveil the latest step in its innovation plan: DIECI-e, the world of Dieci electric.
telescopici per il recycling

Samson: a telehandler that supports recycling

Robust, strong and high-performance, Samson telehandlers are ideal for use in recycling centres.
distributor for DIECI telehandlers

Top Agro appointed distributor for DIECI telehandlers in Eastern Croatia

Operating in eastern Croatia, Top Agro is one of the major European dealers for DIECI telehandlers.
Specialized telehandlers for cotton

Specialized telehandlers for cotton harvesting in Australia

Dieci manufactures and distributes telehandlers designed to meet individual local requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the Cotton Pro.
telehandler for public buildings

Zeus 35.11: a telehandler for public buildings in Aragon

Telehandlers are also an excellent resource in the public construction sector, as in the case of Zeus 35.11 in Aragon
Rotating telehandler

Rotating telehandler: safety and reliability for every sector

What is a rotating telehandler and what are the advantages of this vehicle? Let's find out all its applications.
telehandler for livestock farming

Agri Max 60.9, the telehandler for livestock farming

With its versatility, Agri Max 60.9 is the perfect agricultural telehandler to simplify work on livestock farms.
Dieci telematic system

Dieci Telematic System: innovation at telehandlers service

Service, safety and optimization: all the benefits of DIECI telehandlers' Dieci Telematic System service.
a telehandler for mines

Pegasus: a telehandler for Namibian mines

The DIECI telehandler, ideal for extreme conditions, is also operating in the tin mines of Namibia.