Samson: a telehandler that supports recycling

The broad versatility of telehandlers makes them particularly effective for use in very diverse sectors. Their robustness and ability to withstand intense work cycles, which guarantees high efficiency even after many hours of use, also make these vehicles suitable for specialised applications, as well as for more conventional sectors such as building, agriculture, logistics and mining.

One such example is waste collection and recycling plants, which are intense work environments that require the use of extremely powerful vehicles with high lifting capacity and excellent performance to transport and stack materials.

Among the many DIECI telehandlers, one that is especially suited to continuous use at recycling banks and centres is Samson, a vehicle that stands out for its performance, reliability and absolute quality.

Telehandlers for recycling

Waste collection and processing plants and recycling banks rely heavily on efficient transport with high lifting capacity. Lifting, carrying and stacking large quantities of materials at a sustained rate is essential to organise and expedite waste sorting. It is a continuous daily activity that can only be performed by highly functional vehicles offering excellent quality.

In order to support the intense daily workload of its recycling sites, the Kornex company in Korzeniów, Poland, opted to trial the Samson 60.9 telehandler. Robust, high-performance and sturdy, this vehicle meets different operational needs, offering advanced and functional capabilities at each stage of the waste collection system. Supplied by DIECI dealer for eastern Poland, Raiffeisen Waren, the Samson telehandler turned out to be an excellent asset in supporting the operational needs of the company.

Why Samson

The Samson 60.9 is the ideal telehandler for intensive handling of large quantities of material, thanks to its maximum load capacity of 6000 kg and lifting height of up to 8.6 m. Furthermore, the use of various easy-to-fit equipment facilitates transport and lifting, ensuring high levels of performance.

The fluid manoeuvrability and speed of use of the vehicle immediately impressed the company, by making the operator’s job easier at every step of the work process. What made the biggest difference were the advanced High Tech Boom hydraulic features, which automate, speed up and simplify material loading and transport activities:

  • Shake automatically shakes the bucket during the unloading phase, facilitating the detachment of material
  • Wall keeps the load vertical during lifting
  • Memory recalls the equipment to the set position

Inside the Polish recycling centre, the Samson 60.9 telehandler was fitted with specific equipment for the job in hand:

  • Special industrial tyres for hard surfaces;
  • Loader bucket with 3.5m3 capacity, suitable for loading, unloading and handling tasks;
  • Pallet fork, ideal for loading and unloading, even on inclined and regular surfaces.

Thanks to the advanced features and the use of specific equipment, Samson 60.9 provided distinguished service within the recycling centre, reducing container loading times by more than 50% compared with similar vehicles used by the company. Overall, the DIECI telehandler was a resounding success, demonstrating its excellent operation, versatility and technological innovation.

Samson: telehandlers designed for the industrial sector

Designed for the industrial sector and logistics, Samson telehandlers are ideal for companies that need high-performance machines even in the most demanding applications. These vehicles are ideal for handling heavy materials, intense work cycles and lifting bulky loads, maintaining high efficiency and productivity at all times. In addition to agriculture, construction and mining, Samson telehandlers are also particularly suitable for use within recycling, timber and biogas businesses.

The range of Samson fixed telehandlers is divided into four main models:

  • Samson 50.8, with a maximum load capacity of 5000 kg and a lifting height of 8 m;
  • Samson 60.9, with a maximum load capacity of 6000 kg and a lifting height of 9 m;
  • Samson 65.8, with a maximum load capacity of 6500 kg and a lifting height of 8 m;
  • Samson 75.10, with a maximum load capacity of 7500 kg and a lifting height of 10 m. This model is also equipped with front outriggers.

Each model is distinguished by its high performance, safety, innovation and comfort and offers important benefits to the operator, such as:

  • The new 7” display with level of detail and depth similar to 3D. Excellent visibility and intuitive, safe navigation, thanks to the various operating screens and anti-tip warning lights;
  • The Vario System transmission electronically controlled by means of 2 hydrostatic motors with continuous automatic adjustment, which enable the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h without changing gear;
  • The Dieci Telematic System, which ensures full control of the vehicle, even remotely. Operational data allows routine maintenance cycles to be monitored, optimising costs and maintaining high vehicle and fleet efficiency;
  • The new cab by Giugiaro Design. Comfortable and modern, it is enriched with materials derived from the truck and automotive sectors, providing a spacious work environment suitable for different needs.

The comprehensive and innovative range places workability and comfort at its centre, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in any context. With Samson telehandlers it is possible to always obtain the best performance required, also thanks to the use of durable materials that support continuous work cycles and unpredictable shift times, offering an important productivity advantage while also reducing management costs.

Raiffeisen Waren: the new Polish dealer of DIECI telehandlers

Raiffeisen Waren started out as a DIECI dealer in Poland in January 2023. Its head office is located in Ryki, while the branches are located in the eastern part of the country. “One of the strategies we pursued to raise awareness of the brand and acquire new customers has been to actively reach out to local companies through field demonstrations,” says CEO Rainer Fuge, who has identified maintaining close links to customers as an integral part of the company’s success.

For Kornex, a company active in the recycling sector and which specialises in the purchase of raw materials with a strong commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, Raiffeisen Waren identified the Samson 60.9 telehandler as the best solution. It is a high-performance machine ideal for upholding the company’s excellent standards.