Top Agro appointed distributor for DIECI telehandlers in Eastern Croatia

Due to an extensive network of dealerships worldwide, DIECI telehandlers play a key role on construction sites, farms, mines and for specialist use in the emergency sector, meeting any specific operational requirement.

Providing sales advice and technical support, and emerging as the main port of call for local and national markets, DIECI dealerships offer businesses the latest innovations in the sector, specialized vehicles to meet local needs and a vast range of machinery to choose from. All are designed to meet the specific competitive requirements of today’s companies.

The large family of DIECI dealerships is joined this year by Top Agro, leader in the distribution of agricultural plant and machinery in eastern Croatia.

Top Agro: the new dealership for DIECI telehandlers in Croatia

Strategically located in eastern Croatia with branches in Osijek and Sv. Helena, Top Agro launched in 2018 as a commercial and services business in the agricultural sector.

“The two branches ensure a significant presence in the market, offering customers extensive commercial facilities, spare parts warehouse and service centers.”

Top Agro strives to provide a first-class experience which puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, due to specialist sales and technical support when purchasing agricultural plant and equipment, such as DIECI telehandlers.

“Our vision is to offer the agricultural sector top quality solutions. We are widely recognized as an efficient, dependable company. Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction and brand awareness, key elements which are hugely important to us.”

To achieve these vital objectives, Top Agro employs a team of specialist professionals and benefits from its ongoing sales network within the sector. The dealership can therefore respond efficiently to customer requests and requirements. Careful attention to regional and local businesses is supported by the numerous initiatives and collaborations that Top Agro carries out with universities and agricultural institutions, thereby bringing the innovative plant and machinery it promotes to tomorrow’s major players in the sector.

Its strategic location, first-rate team and ability to offer a 360° experience to local agricultural firms make Top Agro an excellent dealership for the marketing, sales and technical support of DIECI agricultural telehandlers, providing innovative specialized agricultural plant and machinery throughout the region.

The telehandler market in Croatia

Top Agro aims to offer modern, innovative agricultural plant and machinery to eastern Croatia, creating greater competitiveness within the market and resulting in them becoming a dealership for the DIECI range of agricultural telehandlers in 2023.

“As a company, it is hugely important that end users are completely satisfied with our products. The collaboration with DIECI enables us once again to maintain the high quality of the business with ongoing improvement in all areas of our operations.

As a result of the collaboration with DIECI, Top Agro is now able to offer highly efficient, innovative and specialized agricultural telehandlers to Croatian customers. The new telehandlers were exclusively presented and exhibited at Farm Show, one of the major trade fairs in the sector, immediately achieving great success in the market. Top Agro’s strong roots and experience in their country are reinforced by the unprecedented, extensive range of agricultural plant and machinery aimed at livestock farming, cereal production, polyculture, and horticulture and nurseries.

DIECI telehandlers in Croatia

As a result of the partnership between DIECI and Top Agro, agricultural businesses in eastern Croatia can access a wide range of agricultural telehandlers, such as:

  • Agri Farmer, the most agile of DIECI agricultural telehandlers;
  • Agri Max, one of the most robust and powerful DIECI agricultural telehandlers;
  • Agri Max Power X2, the first telehandler in the world featuring HVT1 transmission, offering maximum performance at maximum speed;
  • Agri Plus, completely redesigned internally to offer the operator even more responsiveness, stability and comfort;
  • Agri Star, one of the most versatile vehicles in the DIECI range;
  • Mini Agri, the smallest DIECI telehandler, ideal for operating at maximum performance even in tight or cramped spaces;
  • Agri Pivot, the telehandler featuring an articulated boom especially for the agricultural sector.

We would like to thank Top Agro for supporting DIECI agricultural machinery distribution, promoting the values, expertise and reliability of our brand, and making our innovative, high-performance machinery available to Croatian agricultural businesses.