Pivot T80: the new high-performance articulated telehandler

Widely used on farms and construction sites, the articulated telehandler is one of the most popular vehicles for all those who need an easily manoeuvrable machine with high telescopic performance.

Analysing the market demands, in synergy with the sales network distributed worldwide, DIECI has developed the new Pivot T80 high-performance articulated telehandler, providing even more comfort, stability, and agility. Here are all the advantages of the new model.

The excellent performance of the T80 articulated telehandler

Presented in a world première at Agritechnica 2023, the new T80 articulated telehandler joins the well-established T60 and T70 models, increasing their performance. Ideal for livestock farms, construction works, logistics centres and all those companies that need an even more reliable and efficient vehicle, the T80 surpasses the performance of the T70, offering:

  • An increased loading capacity of 3.5 t;
  • A higher maximum power of up to 114 kW;
  • An increased hydraulic pump, to offer greater travel speed and acceleration;
  • The Flow Sharing hydraulic distributor, to perform several movements simultaneously;

With these features, the Pivot T80 exceeds the standards already set by its predecessors, increasing the possibilities of use. Furthermore, by equipping the machine with compatible equipment, you can access even more uses, further optimising your investment.

From features to cab: all the comfort of the T80 articulated telehandler

The winning feature of the Pivot articulated telehandler is that it combines all the manoeuvrability and practicality of a wheel loader with telehandlers’ loading and handling capacity. What distinguishes these vehicles, in addition to their operational features, is the level of comfort that is fundamental in improving and facilitating working conditions.

To simplify operation, the T80 articulated telehandler has several significant technical features, such as:

  • The Shift on Fly transmission which, via the practical joystick, allows you to shift gears without stopping.
  • The advanced functions of the shake, wall, memory and floating boom, preset controls that allow specific basic movements, such as shaking the bucket at the end of the stroke or memorising the positioning of the boom, with a single click;
  • The ECO function for even more sustainable use by allowing lower fuel consumption and reduced noise emissions, even at a maximum speed of 40 km/h;
  • The creeper function, which allows an adjustable forward speed using the accelerator pedal while maintaining constant engine rpm and oil flow rate. This allows even more effective and efficient use of specific equipment, such as sweepers.
  • Arm too high function to automatically limit travel speed when the boom is raised.

The comfort provided by the T80 articulated telehandler does not stop at technical features but offers the operator a pleasant driving experience in every context of use. Designed for ease of operation, agility and comfort, the new cab of the T80 features some essential new features, such as:

  • Maximum comfort, offering more legroom thanks to the new instrument panel design and high-design comfort;
  • Maximum user-friendliness, thanks to the controls housed in the practical armrest and the new 7” display that makes it easy to monitor all the functions of the telehandler;
  • Maximum visibility, with the raised driver’s seat and large glass surfaces, for a 360° view and complete control of the boom in any position;
  • Maximum accessibility, thanks to the double entrance;
  • Improved air conditioning and soundproofing to work to the highest standards in any environment.

The research, conception and careful design carried out by DIECI thus offers a machine capable of providing an optimised experience from the very first use. The operator can thus immediately obtain all the advantages guaranteed by the Pivot T80, using it at maximum performance.

One articulated telehandler, many application possibilities

The articulated telehandler is a vehicle that owes its origins to listening to the market demands. This solution is designed for all those agricultural, construction and recycling companies looking for maximum manoeuvrability and ease of use, as well as excellent loading and lifting performance.

Conceived starting from the classic wheel loader cab, to which the telescopic boom is added, this machine has undergone many evolutions over the years, renewing its design and features to make it the ideal solution for various sectors and contexts of use.

Today, the Pivot range, consisting of the T60, T70 and T80, is a compact and robust solution, suitable for tight work cycles thanks to:

  • The double-pivot central articulation, which joins the front and rear chassis;
  • The combination of the articulated chassis and the strength of the telescopic boom, which simplifies even the most complex manoeuvres, guaranteeing robustness and speed;
  • Oscillating rear axle for perfect adaptability to all types of terrain, always guaranteeing four points of support;
  • A wide range of accessories, including those designed for wheel loaders and those designed for telehandlers, that allow these vehicles to meet specific usage requirements, such as road works, snow removal, logistics operations and a number of other applications.

DIECI’s articulated telehandlers are thus confirmed as the ideal vehicle for all those companies looking for an accurate, fast, high-performance and reliable solution focusing on comfort and manoeuvrability. With the Pivot T80, you can simplify your company’s work cycles, finding the answer you are looking for in any application and saving time and money.