Innovation drives DIECI’s future: we talk about it with CEO Ciro Correggi

A year full of satisfaction for DIECI, marked above all by the launch of its new and exclusive range of DIECI-e electrified telehandlers, winning, sustainable and innovative machines. As always, their features are appreciated by customers worldwide, who once again find in the company the reliability and quality that distinguish the brand.

Let’s take a closer look at all the innovations that marked 2023 together with CEO Ciro Correggi. We will analyse the results achieved over the last 12 months and define the new challenges the company will encounter in 2024, focusing on research and development while keeping an eye out for the future.

Last year, we started off by talking about the significant innovations presented at Eima 2022: the Agri Max Power X2 and the Hybrid Boost System with which you won the “EIMA 2022 Technical Innovation” award. This year, we can start with a real revolution: the Full Electric Mini Agri-e, presented at Agritechnica 2023.

What level of response did you receive?

Everyone responded to the Mini Agri-e 100% electric telehandler very well. The return to Agritechnica 2023 was the right opportunity to present the new Dieci electric world. The machine has received considerable interest, and we have already received numerous orders.

Overall, we are very pleased with the success that the Mini Agri-e full electric telehandler has achieved.

The electric revolution does not stop with the Mini Agri-e alone. Still, it is a broad project from interpreting market trends: electrified products without performance limitations. The launch of the Mini Agri-e was accompanied by the new Dieci-e electric world.

What will be the future of ecological transformation in the world of telehandlers?

We firmly believe that the sector’s future will partly be electric. We strongly believe in this, so we plan to expand the current DIECI-e range. In 2024, we will work on new electrified telehandler models to bring innovative solutions to the market that meet our customers’ needs.

Dieci-e embraces the construction and agricultural worlds, leaving plenty of room for innovation.

How do you think the market will respond to this transformation? What has been the initial feedback from trade fairs?

Electric telehandlers are designed for both the construction and agricultural worlds. In particular, they are excellent solutions for people working indoors, such as tunnels for construction and stables for agriculture. The response from these fields has been excellent.
In addition to these sectors, full electric telehandlers are ideal for the industrial sector and will soon replace classic diesel-powered telehandlers.

Dieci-e project manager Davide Comastri, talking about the development team, commented:

“DIECI’s approach differs from many other companies. Here, we have the opportunity to live in a dynamic environment, which allows us to confront and approach many different aspects and to be a real added value within individual projects. … The company has invested heavily in its in-house Research and Development department in recent years, forming a young, ambitious, innovative, multidisciplinary and cohesive team. The team is fundamental and is the basis for this kind of work”.

Those are very gratifying words and demonstrate not only the management’s foresight, but also a sense of belonging that is not common in today’s workplaces. These words are indeed a source of pride.

What do you think fosters this climate?

These words represent the truth, and I agree with what Davide Comastri said. This is what the company is; it has always operated this way. Engineer Enrico Ognibene, who is the technical director leading the Research & Development department, has played a key role in the team’s recent success.
In addition to working with his technical expertise, he manages to understand, value and motivate the entire team in the right way, giving importance to their ideas. The opinions of the entire team are always listened to, evaluated, filtered, and then shared with the company, resulting in important projects.

The ItalyPost study centre ranked the company among the 1,000 Best Performer 2023 companies. A great satisfaction and source of pride, what do you think is the winning recipe to continue to perform at the highest level?

We have always believed in what we do. Furthermore, we want to do it well, and put quality first. The DIECI range is already extensive, but we are not stopping there. We still want to grow, propose new ideas, and develop new models. Even after so many years, our goal remains to offer the market the best solutions based on what it needs.

This approach is what sets us apart and what we believe in. We are not afraid of adversity and are ready to continue investing in new projects, always focusing on innovation and offering our customers the best solutions they need.

This doesn’t concern the world of telehandlers only, but also truck mixers and dumpers. The latter are two important machines with satisfactory turnovers. For the latter vehicle, we are also working on new innovative solutions that we will present in the future.

Carrying out new projects and implementing new ideas drives us forward and inspires us to continue to improve.

What is your wish for 2024?

To continue to grow as we did in 2023. We are happy with what we have achieved this year, with the milestones reached, and with the recognition we have received from the market. We are happy with the results and hope to be able to replicate them in 2024.