Pegasus Elite: a new cab for the top-of-the-line rotating telehandler

Safety, functionality, and productivity are three essential elements for large companies operating in the construction industry, especially when it comes to machinery. In fact, in order to optimise the work cycles and guarantee continuous work rhythms and excellent efficiency within every operating context, it is important to opt for highly versatile solutions. At the same time, ease of use, innovation, and practicality are essential for ensuring a sustainable and safe working environment for the operator.

DIECI has specifically designed its new rotating telehandler, the Pegasus 60.35, to meet the needs of a market that’s increasingly attentive to work site safety and is on the lookout for high-performance equipment designed for lifting and transporting heavy loads in contexts that require maximum precision. A unit with extraordinary loading and outreach capacities that’s designed to offer construction professionals greater performance for all handling operations.

Let’s learn more about all the operational advantages that the Pegasus Elite telehandler has to offer.

Custom electronics with the Easy Tech System

The new Pegasus telehandler range was created to facilitate work at the construction site, while at the same time offering maximum performance, comfort, and safety. The range consists of the Pegasus Essential, the Pegasus Classic, and the Pegasus Elite, the new top of the line solution with even greater performance and innovation that focuses on simplicity and improved movement control.

Innovation begins with the Easy Tech System, a new hardware and software platform developed in-house by the DIECI R&D department, which ensures data processing capabilities comparable to that of the most modern vehicles. Guaranteeing greater performance and outstanding features:

  • Greater precision and control of movement, thanks to the possibility of setting maximum threshold parameters;
  • Automatic boom movement, based on 6 selectable working modes (Normal, Soft, Heavy, Eco, Wall, Floor);
  • Anti Tilt System-Pro, the new advanced anti-tipping system with aggravating movements lock, based on the dynamic calculation of the work loads and the equipment installed.
  • Electronically controlled load-sensing pump, for an in-depth dynamic set-up based on the working conditions and the equipment in use.

Thanks to the Easy Tech System, the Pegasus Elite offers total operational adaptability to any working context, with a focus on maximum control and safety.

New features for the DIECI rotating telehandler cab

As evidenced by the innovative Easy Tech System, the advantages that the Pegasus Elite offers to the construction industry and the telehandler rental market begin with the cab, the interior of which has been completely redesigned with new smart controls to ensure operational intuitiveness. The aim from the outset was to implement a new concept of machine control, thus ensuring simplified and safer features.

This new smart and intuitive approach has led to the revamping of various interior aspects of the cab, starting with the controls, which are now digitally managed on a dual display:

  • 3’’ display dedicated to the machine’s running functions;
  • 12’’ multi-touch display dedicated to the machine’s operating status and the management of the most advanced features.

The 12’’ display allows the machine to be displayed either in drive mode or on its outriggers, intuitively adjusting:

  • the working mode;
  • the lighting screen;
  • the working diagram (load and position);
  • the outriggers;
  • the centre of gravity.

In addition to the standard controls, the advanced features implemented on the Pegasus Elite rotating telehandler can also be controlled from the display, allowing for the management of the following with just a few clicks:

  • The six working modes;
  • The connected equipment and the relative load diagram;
  • The Soft Motion Function, which slows down the movements based on the load being carried and the machine’s configuration, in order to reduce dynamic effects and end-of-stroke shocks;
  • The Easy Work System, an advanced software system that automatically adjusts the loading capacity based on the position of the outriggers and the machine’s support surface;
  • The “limits” function, designed to allow the work to be carried out in complete safety. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to demarcate the working area, moving the boom within a safe zone that has been delimited in relation to walls and ceilings.

Pop-ups and audible warnings visible on the display further protect the operator, ensuring high levels of safety throughout all handling, turning, and/or lifting operations.

At the design level, the approach used for both screens is reminiscent of the automotive interface, facilitating the understanding of the parameters, thus ensuring simplified management under all usage conditions. The intuitiveness of the controls makes them particularly suitable for the rental sector, even short-term, offering technologically advanced telehandlers that are easy to manage, even upon first use. The possibility of customising the display layout even allows the user to manage the screen based on their own operational needs, with greater focus being placed on the rotating telehandler’s most frequently utilised functions.

Comfort, visibility, and safety: a rotating telehandler that’s on the operator’s side

In addition to the innovative features and the intuitive and technologically advanced controls, guaranteed by the presence of the two screens, the new cab of the Pegasus Elite rotating telehandler offers total operator comfort, starting with access. The integration of four access ladders and a walkway that can be controlled from the cab constantly ensures safe and comfortable entry in every configuration.

Once inside the cab, the operator can access all of the vehicle’s functions directly from the driver’s seat, including:

  • two proportional joysticks with a capacitive sensor for boom control;
  • controls located on the inside of the right armrest. Here there is also the mini-joystick for the proportional control of the four independent outriggers, and the “equipment quick coupling” control to facilitate accessory changes.

All the new functions and individual controls have been implemented with a focus on control and visibility, making the Pegasus Elite rotating telehandler an extremely safe vehicle in any context, also thanks to:

  • the large glass surface, which guarantees complete visibility of the surrounding area;
  • the 12’’ display, to constantly monitor diagrams, limits, and the positions of the outriggers and equipment;
  • the reclining seat, to facilitate overhead operations;
  • the LED work lights, which can be operated directly from the display;
  • the backlit can keypads;
  • the around-vehicle monitoring system, which includes up to three cameras.

Thanks to the new cab design, the Pegasus Elite rotating telehandler is an indispensable unit for large construction sites and more, with a focus on innovation, extensive operating functions, all-round safety, and intuitive machine management. Here, everything is centred around the operator, who will find everything they need for simplified, optimised, and incredibly high-performance work activities in any context.