Telehandler: strength and reliability in support of the Italian Civil Protection Department

Responding to natural disasters, fires and rescue requests requires early, rapid and efficient action. For this reason, an increasing number of agencies operating in the emergency sector, including the Italian Civil Protection Department, Armed Forces, and Fire and Rescue Service, choose to rely on versatile and reliable vehicles such as telehandlers. These innovative, robust and safe solutions make a tangible contribution to the work of public bodies by providing an effective tool for dealing with emergencies and responding to diverse and unexpected needs.

Even the Ligurian Civil Protection authority has chosen to expand its fleet with a new telehandler, opting for a high-performance vehicle that can respond to possible critical issues in the region where it operates.

A telescopic handler for the Ligurian Civil Protection authority

After experiencing first-hand the efficiency of DIECI telehandlers, the Ligurian Regional Mobile Column of the Italian Civil Protection Department has expanded its fleet with a second vehicle, specifically a Samson 75.10.

Purchased through Ligurian DIECI dealer Macchine Edili Repetto, the new civil protection telehandler will work for the region’s mobile column, supporting the authority’s logistical and emergency operations. In particular, the telehandler will support the civil protection team in the preparation and outfitting of emergency sites.

To optimise its usefulness and enable it to be used on uneven terrain, thereby increasing its operational potential, the Samson 75.10 telehandler has been fitted with:

  • excavating bucket without teeth, for excavating and loading medium-density soils such as earth, gravel and compact clay;
  • counterplate with forks, ideal for loading and unloading pallets even on sloping and irregular surfaces such as truck flatbeds and rough terrain. The vertical sliding movement of the forks enables them to adapt perfectly to the support surface of the material to be moved, thereby increasing the vehicle’s efficiency.

Thanks to its automatic equipment recognition, the telehandler can be configured instantly, making equipment changeovers easy, fast and safe.

Why the Samson 75.10

If you are looking for a telehandler that is robust, reliable, versatile and simple to operate, the Samson 75.10 is the ideal solution. This vehicle stands out for its ease of use, functionality and performance, which make it the go-to choice for logistics operations and rescue missions. Thanks to its size, multifunctional equipment and modular implements, Samson is adept at clearing tasks and a wide range of logistical activities for emergency management.

The main characteristics of the Samson 75.10 telehandler include:

  • 7500 kg load capacity
  • 7 metre lifting height
  • 114 kW maximum power
  • Hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement pump
  • Proportionally controlled and independent outriggers, which enable the vehicle to get closer to buildings in order to maximise its reach

Technological innovation also simplifies the use of the vehicle and optimises its performance, making it suitable as a response vehicle for emergencies such as floods, natural disasters and fires. In particular, the use of this telehandler is simplified by the 4in1 joystick with integrated FNR, which makes the controls even more intuitive, and the 7” display which can be used to clearly monitor all of the vehicle’s functions. This further facilitates the operator’s work, enabling safe intervention with maximum control.

The new arrival will therefore further increase the speed and efficiency of the countless logistical and operational support activities that the Ligurian Civil Protection authority is called upon to carry out on a daily basis.

DIECI telehandlers optimised for emergency services

The Italian Civil Protection Department, Army, Fire and Rescue Service, and other special units are required to deal with extraordinary events and operate in extreme situations. In these scenarios, being able to rely on high-performance and versatile solutions is essential in order to intervene efficiently and accomplish missions safely and quickly.

DIECI telehandlers are the ideal solution to support the emergency sector due to their flexibility and adaptability, which enable them to effectively perform any type of logistical operation. What makes the difference in these contexts is customised retrofits and dedicated support, two elements that make them ideal vehicles for interventions by special teams in extreme situations.

Thanks to their characteristics, DIECI telehandlers have distinguished themselves in various public sectors, playing vital support roles for Italian and international organisations.

Some examples of DIECI telehandlers serving the emergency services include:

  • Icarus 40.14 vehicles supplied by Dieci srl to the German Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (Federal Agency for Technical Relief, or THW)
  • Hercules 120.10 vehicles carrying out emergency logistics activities for the Italian Red Cross
  • Hercules 210.10 telehandlers employed by the Romanian army to tackle the COVID-19 emergency
  • Apollo 26.6 working with the Lyss and Konolfingen fire brigades in Switzerland

In order to offer maximum support in response to specific requests, all vehicles intended for the emergency sector are analysed and prepared by the DIECI Research & Development department, which retrofits specific customisations based on the type of scenario and the vehicle’s intended use.

Innovation, specialisation and versatility are therefore the winning features of our telehandlers, making them the ideal choice for all Italian companies and authorities operating in the emergency sector, thanks to their simple and intuitive use and wide range of applications.

The Ligurian Civil Protection authority

Liguria is a predominantly mountainous region, with narrow, winding roads that can complicate rescue interventions during the frequent floods and landslides that affect this locality.

The local Civil Protection authority provides support in these emergency situations, in addition to working to prevent and manage disasters and calamities, carrying out rescue and salvage operations, preserving national security and restoring roads and public spaces.

The use of the Samson telehandler will further enhance the speed and efficiency of the countless logistical and operational support activities that the Ligurian Civil Protection authority is called upon to carry out on a daily basis.