Moving materials on construction sites with a dumper

Ensuring the internal safety of a construction site is an essential aspect for any company operating in the sector. To do this, it is essential to rely on high-performance, manoeuvrable, safe and fast solutions that enable prompt intervention in any working conditions.

In order to maintain high standards of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, one vehicle that is now indispensable to any company operating in the construction sector—besides telehandlers and truck mixers—is the dumper, which is perfect for moving materials on construction sites.

Why choose a dumper for your construction site

One of the best machines to use on a construction site is a dumper, which is a compact and manoeuvrable vehicle consisting of a cab where the operator sits, and a container, which in modern vehicles can have a load capacity in excess of 10,000 kg.

The main function of dumpers is handling materials on construction sites or in industrial settings. They keep each work site running efficiently, supporting the operating cycle by transporting large quantities of material, such as sand, concrete, earth and mortar.

Whereas a concrete mixer can be used to obtain the perfect cement and a telehandler is a versatile vehicle capable of reaching considerable heights, a dumper provides the whole construction site with important short- and long-term benefits.

Using this vehicle, which is compact, versatile and fast over short distances, it is possible to:

  • handle every type of material present on the construction site in a continuous cycle, thanks to the vehicle’s load capacity and strength
  • speed up the work cycle, avoiding delays caused by the presence of bulky materials
  • support the various work phases, for example by quickly transporting materials on building sites
  • intervening promptly in the event of unexpected events or problems, due to the dumper’s ability to cross any type of terrain

Thanks to its reliability and easy handling, dumpers have become a must-have resource for the construction sector, proving themselves to be an excellent investment for both purchase and rental.

Safety, capacity and speed: choosing the right dumper

In order to make the optimal investment by selecting a vehicle tailored to your needs, you should weigh up some important characteristics so that you can identify the best solution for your construction site.

When choosing the dumper that is best suited to your needs, it is important to evaluate a number of aspects, such as:

  • load capacity, which is the main characteristic that determines whether to purchase or hire one model rather than another. Particularly for large construction sites, it is essential to opt for vehicles with a high load capacity, thereby speeding up work cycles; by contrast, on more compact sites you can opt for smaller dumpers that maximise the cost-effectiveness of your investment;
  • operator and site safety. To protect your work, it is important to choose high-strength vehicles that provide robustness and the ability to move large quantities of material even on irregular terrain. Likewise, to protect the operator it is essential to choose a vehicle equipped with a cabin that meets the sector’s quality and regulatory standards, offering total safety even in the event of accidents;
  • manoeuvrability, which is essential for any dumper because it enables the vehicle to be used even on rough terrain and in confined areas and small spaces. It is therefore preferable to choose models equipped with all-wheel drive, to ensure vehicle stability and control even within specific environments such as mines. Another plus is reversible driving, a standard feature on DIECI dumpers that assures extremely easy and precise use;
  • vehicle speed. Also in this regard, it is important to evaluate the dimensions of your construction site in order to identify the right model for meeting project deadlines and to ensure that the dumper is a valuable resource. For example, DIECI DP dumpers can reach a top speed of 27 km/h.

By choosing the right solution, you are equipping your construction site with an extremely high-performance vehicle that offers characteristics tailored to your needs. In this way you can speed up your workflow, ensuring safety and reliability in all phases of use, with important operational benefits in the short, medium and long term.

Why buy or rent DIECI dumpers for construction

Conceived and designed based on the needs of construction firms, DIECI dumpers are robust, reliable vehicles that are built to last. These machines have a high load capacity to expedite the transport, handling and removal of large quantities of material.

Versatile, manoeuvrable and easy to handle, the DIECI range consists of two flagship models, the DP70 and DP120, which differ in terms of their specific characteristics and features. Both models are designed to maximise your resources, by providing:

  • power and load capacity, making them perfectly suited to the needs of the heavy industry sector and able to transport large volumes of material, even compared with equivalent models
  • freely selectable steering settings: 4-wheel, transversal or only 2 wheels, enabling the vehicle to move easily on construction sites
  • a comfortable, safe and ergonomic cabin with ROPS-FOPS certification, and which also allows reversible driving for simpler operation

The DIECI DP 70 dumper is the smallest model in the range and features:

  • maximum load capacity 7000 kg;
  • level load volume 4.2 m3;
  • maximum power 85.9 kW

The DP 120 is our top-of-the-range DIECI dumper, which offers the most features and exceeds current industry standards. This machine is characterised by:

  • maximum load capacity 10800 kg;
  • level load volume 6.5 m3;
  • maximum power 100 kW.

Thanks to the excellent features that distinguish it from market competitors, as well as its ease of use, which enables it to be used even by untrained operators, the DP120 is also an excellent solution for the short- and long-term rental market, providing an important competitive edge for every construction site.

DIECI always gives you the best solution for your construction site, providing access to vehicles that are designed based on real market needs and which deliver the advantages and operational versatility you need to achieve your results.