Welcome Mini Agri-e: the new DIECI electric telehandler at Agritechnica 2023

The innovation of DIECI vehicles has reached an important new milestone with the launch of DIECI-e, the world of Dieci electric. This major revolution for the entire sector owes its success to the important research and design work carried out by the R&D team, which has followed up the Hybrid Boost System by taking another incredible step towards a more sustainable and futuristic approach to agricultural work.

Cost-effectiveness, regulatory alignment and environment: let’s take a closer look at all the advantages of DIECI-e and the innovative features of the new full electric telehandler that was previewed at Agritechnica 2023.

Mini Agri-e: the first full-electric telehandler from DIECI

Mini Agri-e is among the star attractions at Agritechnica 2023, being the new fully electric telehandler from Dieci. The result of instrumental research as well as constant and meticulous attention to the needs of specialised businesses, the new DIECI telehandler offers the brand’s winning operational capabilities together with strong green credentials.

It represents a major innovation in terms of sustainability, profitability and cost-effectiveness, one that responds on the one hand to growing awareness regarding environmental impact, and, on the other hand, to increasingly stringent regulations that currently prevent access by traditional vehicles to indoor areas, industrial plants, low-carbon emission projects and farming activities.

With its new fully electric telehandler, DIECI supports farm operators in their transition towards new energy sources, by expanding the possibilities of using vehicles according to legal standards while also guaranteeing high performance, strength and speed, without compromises or limitations.

DIECI will be at Agritechnica 2023 from 12 to 18 November 2023 in HALL 6 / STAND C38, to give a world premiere of the functionality and economic, social and environmental benefits of the new MINI AGRI-e electric telehandler.

Mini Agri-e: the new frontier of sustainability at Agritechnica 2023

The same solid performance with the added advantages of a full-electric engine: DIECI presents the world premiere of the Mini Agri-e, the first 100% green telehandler that combines the quality of DIECI telehandlers with sustainability.

Mini Agri-e, the electric telehandler for the agricultural sector, incorporates all the winning features of the standard Mini-Agri model, along with all the benefits of green power.

The main features of this full-electric agricultural telehandler:

  • Maximum load capacity 2600 kg;
  • Lifting height up to 6 metres;
  • Tractive force equal to a diesel car;
  • 19 kW traction motor;
  • 22 kW hydraulic motor;
  • Availability of 1 to 2 lithium batteries (LiFePo4) providing a maximum power output of up to 44 kWh and the possibility of working a whole day on a single charge.

Thanks to these green credentials, the Mini Agri-e electric telehandler ensures:

  • zero emissions, permitting access to indoor areas and systems regulated according to specific environmental laws;
  • reduced noise, benefitting operator wellbeing and the surrounding areas;
  • less maintenance, avoiding costs and downtime;
  • trouble-free battery fitting and replacement, for easy, fast and straightforward operation;
  • availability of three charging sockets in an accessible and safe position, for maximum practicality and efficiency.

The innovation of Mini Agri-e ensures an efficient vehicle that is extremely high-performance, fast, robust and versatile, besides offering all the advantages of electric power and reducing ownership and maintenance costs.

E-Modular Power Pack, for a flexible electric telehandler

The innovation of the Mini Agri-e doesn’t stop there! The company’s attention to the needs of businesses in the sector has led to the development of a new, innovative, integrative system, E-Modular Power Pack, the modular kit that allows the machine to adapt to specific user needs.

Another significant advantage for companies in the sector is having access to the first flexible electric telehandler, one that is capable of adapting perfectly to all operational needs of agricultural businesses, logistics firms and much more, without compromises in terms of performance and speed.

The advantages of the E-Modular Power Pack for full-electric telehandlers are:

  • Battery pack expandable at any time, even after market, to optimize costs and efficiency;
  • the possibility of adapting the vehicle’s characteristics based on operational needs;
  • easy and quick kit changeovers, including in the field
  • in the case of agricultural rental, the possibility of offering customers the kit that best suits their specific needs.

E-MPP not only provides a real solution to the energy transition, but also guarantees productivity and profitability for DIECI customers, thanks to a totally innovative solution that is capable of fully satisfying their needs.

Eco-friendly telehandlers: the evolution starts with the Agri Farmer Hybrid

The technological innovation of electric telehandlers is the result of an important evolution that started with the Hybrid Boost System. This new system—winner in the EIMA Technical Innovation Awards—is designed to protect the environment and significantly reduce energy waste.

With the Hybrid Boost System, the conventional internal combustion engine is replaced by a system composed of a diesel engine plus a hybrid pack, maintaining the same performance as the standard version, with huge advantages in terms of costs, consumption and maintenance times. This is possible thanks to the electronic control platform that connects and optimises the operation of the transmission, hydraulic system and innovative Kubota Hybrid Diesel engine. Integrated management provides maximum power only when needed, so that the kit is charged only during low-power operations.

With its low environmental impact and high operational performance, the Hybrid Boost System supports the continuous and intermittent work cycles of agricultural businesses, guaranteeing speed and power on a par with conventional vehicles. The advantages of the innovative DIECI system fitted on the Agri Farmer Hybrid agricultural telehandler include:

  • system automation. No charging station is required, so it remains fully operational even during intense work cycles
  • a significant saving in terms of costs, consumption and emissions, benefiting both the company and the environment
  • reduced maintenance thanks to the absence of AdBlue
  • a simple and intuitive interface that is quick to master without the need for specific training
  • excellent operational capacity: the entire system is designed to work even in the event of a low battery

The DIECI Hybrid Boost System is part of the great DIECI-e revolution, leading the way along an important new path towards supporting the environment. The Hybrid Boost System, E-Modular Power Pack and Mini Agri-e open up an important new avenue for the future of electric telehandlers, benefiting the environment, businesses in the sector and operating standards in general, without limits or compromises.