Elefanti farm: 25 years of success using the DIECI telehandlers

Along the way, we have been able to meet many successful companies who have chosen to rely on our telehandlers to improve, optimise and increase the productivity of their farms and construction companies. And today we want to tell you one such story.

Here we are in Montecchio Emilia, in the province of Reggio Emilia, at the farm Azienda Agricola Elefanti Daniele e Agostino, an all-Italian business founded in the early 1950s.

This is where we met Daniele, who represents the third generation at the helm of this company that began as a small farm and, over the years, has grown into a large agricultural company. Among the Elefanti farm’s main products is milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, with around 200 cows, lactating on average, and 200 hectares of land used for fodder crops, with 50% permanent grassland and 50% medical and graminaceous crops.

DIECI telehandlers, the benchmark for Italian agriculture

With Daniele, we delve into the company’s experience with DIECI telehandlers, which have supported all of its agricultural production activities for more than 25 years, helping it to grow. “We have always been familiar with the DIECI company, which is well known in the town and further afield. It is one of the largest companies in Emilia and a real point of reference for farmers nationwide.

Our first association with the company dates back to 1999, when we bought our first telehandler, a Samson 40.8. The experience was overwhelmingly positive and, as the years went by and our production expanded, we decided to opt for DIECI again”.

Agricultural telehandlers? Versatile and reliable!

After many years working together with the Samson 40.8, the company felt the need to renew and double its fleet of vehicles, so as to be able to access the new innovative functions developed by DIECI for its latest models entirely dedicated to the agricultural sector. “We currently have two active telehandlers in the company, an Agri Star 40.8 and a brand new Agri Plus 40.10, which arrived a few days ago. With these two machines we are able to cover all the main activities of the farm, both in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry.” Thanks to the numerous attachments available and easy to equip, all DIECI telehandlers can be used efficiently to perform multiple tasks, simplifying, speeding up and optimising the management of fields, barns, stables and more.

Specialisation and comfort reign supreme with the Agri Star and Agri Plus

In addition to the versatility of the DIECI vehicles, Daniele tells us that what particularly impressed him about the new agricultural telehandlers is the close attention paid to the operator’s well-being and comfort. “When compared to the first telehandler, which was basic and intended for a variety of applications, we now have more specialised, reliable and highly comfortable vehicles. We’re talking about vehicles that, when you get in them, you will probably want to stay in them even longer than necessary.

Looking more specifically at the farm equipment purchased by the company, with just two telehandlers they manage to fully meet the various tasks that are part of the company’s daily production cycle, from transporting bulky loads to intensive use. As Daniele tells us, “we really value the size and agility of the Agri Star, which is ideal for supporting the forage production cycle and moving easily around the farm even when handling large loads. The decision to buy a new vehicle from the Agri Plus family was actually driven by the need for power. We needed a similarly sized machine that could withstand the most heavy-duty and intensive use.

DIECI supports you from sales to after sales

If the performance of DIECI farm vehicles is proving to be one of the features most prized by Daniele and his team, it is not only this that has convinced him to choose DIECI again. The support offered by the company even during the after-sales phase, such as maintenance support and assistance in the event of emergencies, is an important guarantee for the Elefanti company and the protection of its work, on a daily and long-term basis. “The facts tell the story of our experience with Dieci.  After acquiring our third vehicle, we would say our relationship with Dieci has been positive, both in terms of vehicles and maintenance. Assistance in this area is vital, when a vehicle breaks down it is always an emergency and the aim is to get it working again as soon as possible. When we needed them, Dieci always stepped up quickly and solved our problems. That was also why, when it was time to change vehicles, we immediately turned to them”.

As a company, we are happy to be able to make a difference by supporting local agriculture and once again setting ourselves apart through the reliability of our brand and the performance of our vehicles.

We thank Daniele for welcoming us to his farm, for telling us about his journey with DIECI and for continuing to choose our telehandlers. We hope to meet again soon to share some more exciting news!