Samson: a telehandler for livestock farming in South Africa

Versatile, robust and fast, telehandlers are among the most popular working vehicles on farms and ranches. Thanks to their manoeuvring precision, load capacity and boom reach, these vehicles can transport large quantities of material, supporting even very intensive work cycles. In order to fully exploit the potential of these telehandlers and support the most specialised needs, they can be equipped with specific equipment that gives farm owners instant access to all the features they need for their business.

These are the winning characteristics that convinced Randell’s Ranch in South Africa to purchase a Samson 45.8 telehandler to speed up the handling of fertiliser bags on the farm. Let’s find out why they use Samson and discover all the advantages of DIECI telehandlers for livestock farming.

A DIECI telehandler on Randell’s Ranch

On livestock farms it is important to have access to reliable and multifunction solutions, which allow operators to quickly complete continuous work cycles in total safety. Optimising time and resources is essential to maximise a farm’s profitability, ensuring high performance as well as reducing turnaround times and costs.

For Randell’s Ranch in Ermelo, in the South African province of Mpumalanga, the availability of a precise, fast vehicle with ample lifting capacity is essential in order to handle the large quantities of fertiliser bags needed to carry out daily operations.

Accuracy and manoeuvrability are two of the key attributes required for this type of work, to avoid damaging or losing material in transit. Through DIECI Southern Africa, the ranch opted for the Samson 45.8 telehandler, which offers high performance along with all the required precision, thanks to its special equipment. Featuring smooth and rounded edges, the attachment can be used to pick up, lift, move and transport fertiliser, avoiding damage to the harness and safeguarding the company’s work.

Why the Samson 45.8

Besides their compatibility with highly specialised attachments and general-purpose equipment such as buckets, forks, bale clamps and lifting hooks, the structural characteristics of Samson telehandlers make them the go-to solutions for moving large quantities of material. Extremely sturdy and high-performance, these vehicles can be used for numerous applications, from lifting building materials to handling produce or animal feed, covering operational roles that would otherwise be performed by multiple vehicles.

Among the various vehicles that make up the family, the Samson 45.8 telehandler, designed for the South African market, stands out for its:

  • high load capacity, which enables it to lift 4500 kg loads up to 7.90 metres in height
  • compact dimensions, which make it extremely easy to handle and precise to manoeuvre, expanding its possible uses;
  • hydrostatic transmission with variable displacement pump, which allows precise and controlled forward travel even at full speed;
  • 4-in-1 joystick, which facilitates tasks thanks to its intuitive and comfortable control;
  • ROPS-FOPS approved cab, designed to guarantee a high level of comfort and improve the operator’s working conditions.

Outstanding performance, precise movement and safe operation make the Samson 45.8 telehandler an excellent resource for any type of job, benefiting companies that need high-performance solutions to transport high load quantities.

Telehandlers for livestock farming: all the advantages

DIECI telehandlers are the ideal vehicle for mid- to large-sized ranches. The availability of specialised equipment further enhances the potential of these vehicles, simplifying daily work cycles.

A telehandler on a livestock farm can be used to:

  • feed livestock and clean out stables with the front bucket;
  • move hay bales using the bale spikes or bale clamp;
  • transport heavy loads using the fork.

This comprehensive, reliable, fast and robust solution adapts perfectly to the needs of today’s agricultural businesses, which are often engaged in multiple diverse activities such as cereal growing, polyculture and horticulture. What’s more, with the new DIECI electrified telehandlers it is possible to obtain even better performance while protecting the environment and making significant cost savings:

  • Mini Agri-e, the fully electric modular telehandler which stands out for its zero emissions, reduced noise and optimised efficiency

With DIECI full electric telehandlers you have access to innovative solutions that are designed to work faster and better, with no compromises.

Dieci Southern Africa

Since 2019, Dieci Telehandlers (Pty) Ltd are the official and exclusive distributor of the entire Dieci range of telehandlers and construction vehicles in Southern Africa. This successful dealership supplies numerous Dieci vehicles to various sectors in the South African market, from mining, where they support the extraction of precious stones and metals, to the agricultural sector.