Specialized telehandlers for cotton harvesting in Australia

All those needing to use telehandlers on their farm or construction site rely on extremely high performance, robust, durable and versatile vehicles, which efficiently manage several phases of each work cycle. This becomes even more important when it comes to specific local applications, namely individual production requirements which require functionality to deal with particular tasks in well-defined sector-specific situations.

In these circumstances, DIECI designs and manufactures highly specialized telehandlers, able to carry out each and every specific application requirement in the sector. One such example is Cotton Pro, designed to handle and harvest cotton in Australia. Let’s take a more detailed look at telehandlers for special applications and all the advantages of Cotton Pro.

Telehandlers for special applications

Understanding and listening to the particular needs of a sector is the starting point for every new DIECI model. With our in-house Research and Development Department, expertise gained in more than 50 years of business, and manufacture of over 143 models, on a daily basis the company carefully designs efficient, versatile and robust solutions which simplify every work stage.

In addition to ongoing investment in developing innovative solutions such as the new Pegasus range, Agri Max Power X2 and green technology of the Hybrid Boost System, we pay careful attention to the specific needs of individual companies or sectors, always putting comfort, performance and safety at the forefront.

Intensive research and development, based on carefully researching sectors and sharing the expertise amassed by our dealers, has led to the manufacture of special telehandlers suitable for even the most difficult conditions, such as mines, quarries, the emergency sector and tunneling. Examples include:

These highly specialized applications augment DIECI telehandlers’ main advantages, ideal plant and machinery for transporting, lifting and positioning light to heavy loads, with hydraulically operated telescopic booms. In addition, the wide range of equipment further increases their versatility, providing operators with the right machinery for every requirement.

Telehandler for cotton harvesting: DIECI Cotton Pro

Cotton production is one of Australia’s major agricultural sectors. In these circumstances, it is essential to access specialized plant and machinery that can speed up each work stage, thanks to specific technical features and devices.

Manufactured in Italy and locally designed to meet the needs of Australian farmers, DIECI Cotton Pro telehandlers, distributed by Dieci Australia, are specifically designed for handling cotton bales. With a lifting capacity of 7 tonnes and maximum reach of 9.65 meters, this model is ideal for handling and positioning large volumes of cotton bales, significantly reducing the number of work cycles.

When working with fibrous material such as cotton, integrating specific functions is paramount, including:

  • An ad hoc cooling system, designed to reduce the risk of overheating.
  • Positioning the oil cooler at the rear of the vehicle.
  • Provision of a reversible fan to blow dust and fibers out of the radiator.

As a result of these features, the Cotton Pro telehandler is optimized to maintain its high performance, with improved technical specification in terms of functionality and simplified maintenance, even under constant, ongoing use.

Why Cotton Pro

Comfort, safety and excellent performance are the starting point for each and every DIECI telehandler. Intended to meet the specific demands of the Australian market, Cotton Pro is designed to facilitate handling large quantities of cotton bales, optimizing traditional production processes.

What makes the difference is the boom’s side-shift, which enables you to move the boom from one side to the other to tightly pack loads. This enables you to move a bale from the front to the left or right, in small increments, without having to move the entire machine. A technical feature which offers customers in the sector important advantages, significantly speeding up internal processes, increasing the rate and decreasing work cycles compared to traditional production processes.

The main features that make this telehandler ideal for Australian farms include:

  • A 4 in 1 joystick, with integrated FNR for intuitive control, practical and comfortable;
  • Load limiter, that analyses vehicle stability in real time and limits any aggravated movement risk when pre-set safety limits are reached;
  • Easy Ride system, a sophisticated pneumatic suspension system installed on the boom which reduces oscillation, even under load, on rough or uneven terrain;
  • Hydrostatic transmission, that ensures power, reactivity and controlled positioning, while a single control unit measures the best working parameters through an advanced diagnostic system.

Operator comfort on the Cotton Pro telehandler is paramount, supported by specific features and functionality, such as:

  • Comfortable ROPS-FOPS approved cabs with spacious interiors;
  • Advanced air conditioning that ensures air recirculation and makes working in extreme weather conditions less tiring;
  • 360° all-round vision for ease of use, ensuring safe operation;
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, that enables the operator to work in any situation.

Precision movement, maneuverability, traction power and soundproofing together with a smart control layout make this telehandler simple, intuitive and comfortable to use. Cotton Pro, together with the range of specialized Dieci Australia telehandlers, meets the unique needs of Australian farmers, delivering peak performance in any situation.

Cotton production on Australian farms

Cotton is one of the major economic sectors in Australian agriculture, representing 30 to 60 per cent of total local production, depending on the individual region. More than 141,000 tons of product are produced every year, from almost 61,000 hectares of cultivated land. To support the sector and meet demand, Australian farmers rely on high-precision mechanized technology, always seeking the finest innovative solutions to speed up each work stage, and make these companies even more competitive, both locally and worldwide.

The Cotton Pro telehandler was developed to meet this demand, providing Australian farming with the latest, ground-breaking functionality that revolutionizes traditional working procedures, supporting each operational phase and reducing work cycles.