The DIECI electric telehandler at Fieragricola 2024

In order to show partners, sector companies, and rental agencies all the functions and advantages of its new electric telehandler, DIECI will be among the 730 exhibitors at the 116th edition of Fieragricola, the international agricultural exhibitions, which will be held in Verona from 31 January to 3 February 2024.

A unique opportunity to get a close-up look at the new 100% green Mini Agri-e telehandler, the cutting edge Agri Max Power X2 telehandler, and the entire DIECI agricultural range, designed to meet the concrete needs of today’s small, medium, and large farms.

The Mini Agri-e débuts at Fieragricola in Verona

One of the most exciting new developments to be discovered at Fieragricola 2024 is the Mini Agri-e, the first full-electric DIECI telehandler, which will be presented to the Italian public for the first time. With its unique and flexible performance, this 100% green telehandler retains the same chassis as the traditional 26.6 model, representing a sustainable and innovative version of the same vehicle. Designed for stables, nurseries and industries, the Mini Agri-e offers excellent performance at an optimised price point.

In fact, the telehandler features a 100% electric motor, complete with a lithium battery pack. Designed to help guide companies in the agricultural sector through the energy transition phase, this full electric telehandler is capable of fully adapting to their individual needs, meeting every type of requirement. Modularity is one of this vehicle’s greatest strengths, as it even allows for aftersales configuration for:

  • Changing the number of batteries. An innovative aspect that allows for the configuration of the investment based on the company’s specific usage requirements;
  • Integrating future functions and plug-ins still being developed by the company’s R&D This allows the customer to optimise their investment, by renewing their vehicle based on future innovations developed in the sector.

Thanks to its electrical flexibility, energy savings, and excellent range of usage possibilities, the Mini Agri-e is also an ideal investment opportunity for the telehandler rental sector. In fact, rental agencies can expand their fleets by investing in 100% green machines that can be adapted to meet their customers’ needs, with the possibility of performing easy battery pack interventions, even replacing batteries in the field.

The Mini Agri-e combines innovation with simplicity, offering the entire construction and agricultural sector a fast, powerful, and sustainable new solution to facilitate and revolutionise every work cycle.

Agri Max Power X2: the telehandler of the future

The top-of-the-line Agri Max Power X2 telehandler will also be present at Fieragricola 2024 in Verona. Developed in collaboration with Dana Inc., this unit is the ideal solution for biogas plants, recycling plants and large farms, such as livestock farms, polyculture farms, and cereal farms, which require a powerful vehicle with unparalleled performance.

The Agri Max Power X2 telehandler’s greatest strength is its HVT-1 continuous transmission, which guarantees unrivalled performance:

  • Travel speed of up to 50 km/h;
  • Increased towing force of up to 30t;
  • Lifting capacity of up to 6500kg;
  • Maximum height of 9 metres;
  • Smooth movement in stall conditions and at low speed, thus simplifying even the most demanding work requirements.

With the Agri Max Power X2 telehandler, excellent performance goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, thanks to the optimised technology designed to reduce waste while increasing speed. Compared to a conventional Y-cycle vehicle, this special telehandler ensures:

  • A 10% reduction in consumption;
  • A 20% reduction in operating time.

With the Agri Max Power X2, the operator also enjoys a series of special innovative features designed to simplify their work activities under any conditions. In fact, this telehandler boasts several technological solutions introduced by the Dieci R&D department, such as:

  • The shock-absorbing cab, which, thanks to the hydraulic suspension system, reduces oscillations, thus improving the operator’s experience, even on the roughest terrain;
  • The advanced shake, wall, and memory boom functions, which are designed to speed up and simplify typical daily farm work;
  • The axle absorbing system: an electronically-controlled shock-absorbing system installed on the telehandler’s front axle. This feature ensures greater control and comfort at every stage of travel, especially at high speeds;
  • The easy ride system: a hydro-pneumatic boom suspension designed to drastically reduce oscillations felt on uneven terrain or at high speed, thus allowing work operations to be carried with greater safety and precision.

The Agri Max Power X2 telehandler is a must-have machine for every large company in the sector, ensuring excellent performance and considerable operational advantages, all while striving for a greener future.

Telehandlers for every need

The most popular DIECI telehandlers will also be present at the first major agricultural exhibition of 2024. Designed to meet every specific need, the company’s extensive agricultural range offers tailor-made solutions for small, medium, and large farms. For those in search of safe, fast, and robust vehicles, DIECI has come up with an assortment of high performance solutions.

The following agricultural telehandlers will be on display at Fieragricola 2024 at the DIECI stand:

  • The Mini Agri 20.4 Smart: a unit that boasts exceptional operational capabilities. With a length of just over 3.5 metres and a width of 1.55 metres, this telehandler is capable of effortlessly moving about even in confined spaces, guaranteeing excellent manoeuvrability, agility, and power;
  • The Agri Star: the perfect balance of power and agility, ideal for handling large loads in tight spaces;
  • The Agri Plus: the top-of-the-line DIECI model that combines the high performance levels typical of the range with excellent comfort and reliability. Thanks to the Vario System transmission, this unit guarantees power, responsiveness, and manoeuvrability under any operating conditions;
  • The Agri Farmer: the telehandler that’s designed to work alongside tractors, and to meet all the movement and handling needs of small to medium-sized farms;
  • The Agri Pivot T60: the articulated DIECI telehandler that combines the manoeuvrability of a wheel loader with the height of a telehandler. Thanks to its double-jointed centrally articulated chassis, this farm vehicle guarantees excellent stability and robustness, and exceptional visibility under all working conditions, thus ensuring an optimal operator experience.

We will be among the 730 exhibitors present at Fieragricola 2024: come and discover all the advantages, innovative technologies, and extraordinary features of the DIECI telehandler range, and see for yourself how DIECI telehandlers can speed up, optimise, and improve your farm’s daily work activities!