a telehandler for mines

Pegasus: a telehandler for Namibian mines

The DIECI telehandler, ideal for extreme conditions, is also operating in the tin mines of Namibia.
three-boom telescopic

DIECI centring handler: the three-boom telescopic handler beneath the Swiss alps

The DIECI three-boom telescopic handler supporting the Linthal Project in Switzerland in the name of efficiency, comfort and safety.
sollevatori telescopici

The versatility of telehandlers captivates every sector

Construction, agriculture, mining and emergency: telehandlers are the successful solution in every sector due to their high versatility.

Samson: a telehandler for coal mining in Indonesia

As versatile and multi-purpose as they are, Dieci telehandlers respond to every need in the mining sector, including vehicle maintenance, carried out by Samson 75.10 in Indonesia.

Diamond mines: Samson telehandlers in the depths of Africa

Comfort, versatility and safety were the winning features behind the selection of three Samson vehicles that are now working deep down in an African diamond mine.

4G highways plan: Pegasus and Icarus in the Colombian jungle

Thanks to their reliability, versatility and robustness, the Pegasus and Icarus vehicles have been selected to help with Colombia’s 4G highways programme and new infrastructure network.

A mining telehandler: discover the customisations on the Samson 45.8

Telehandlers intended for use in mines need special equipment. Discover the equipment on the Samson 45.8, which has been customised for the Impala Platinum mine in South Africa.


The Hercules elevator is used in the Grootegeluk coal mine, north of Pretoria, chosen above all for its characteristics of power, speed and maneuverability on rough terrain, and a capacity of 12,000 kg.

A telehandler for the Brennero tunnel

he Pegasus telescopic handler has all the features that a telescopic handler must have to work in excavation environments, versatile and very stable, such as to allow precision and delicacy work.

DIECI truck mixers in the heart of the London underground

Dieci dumpers and truck mixers are suitable for working in hostile environmental conditions, such as in the underground construction site for the London Crossrail.
Pegasus Dieci telehandlers

Telehandlers in extreme conditions: Rosebel mine

Pegasus telescopic handlers have been chosen to help maintain a Suriname gold mine, thanks above all to their robustness and versatility.