Rotating telehandler: safety and reliability for every sector

Telehandlers have become in recent years one of the most popular vehicles within various sectors, such as construction, mining and emergency. While robustness, efficiency, and versatility are, without a doubt, among the features most appreciated by operators who use these vehicles, they are not the only ones.

As a matter of fact, the interest in telehandlers has resulted in major investments in research and innovation of these vehicles, with the aim of focusing on operator safety and comfort, both through internal cab features and through real new features that ensure greater vehicle efficiency and automation.

Among the various solutions, responding more to the needs arising from atypical contexts and environments where safety is an even more essential element are rotating telehandlers. Let’s learn about the features, advantages, and areas of applications of these vehicles.

What is a rotating telehandler?

Rotating telehandlers have become popular in many scenarios, standing out for their productivity, versatility, safety and ease of use. To more closely adapt to specific needs and different contexts, these vehicles are divided into two main categories, which have singular and well-defined characteristics:

  • Rotating telehandlers with non-continuous rotation of 400°: ideal for the rental market and for users who need an essential telehandler;
  • Telehandlers with 360° continuous rotation designed for users who need a multi-purpose, high-performance vehicle in all working conditions;

For adverse environments, impervious surfaces and all settings that require greater versatility, rotating telehandlers emerge as the best operational solution.

The advantages of rotating telehandlers

As one of the most rugged vehicles in the entire range, rotating telehandlers stand out for some specific advantages:

  • Versatility. When equipped with specialized equipment, they can replace different types of vehicles, such as cranes or aerial platforms, further speeding up and simplifying the company’s internal work;
  • Stability. With their self-leveling function in stabilization, rotating telehandlers can work safely even on uneven terrain. With the push of a button, the vehicle automatically levels itself on any ground conformation;
  • Intuitiveness. Numerous technological solutions, such as Anti Crash System, Soft Motion, Arm too High, increase the vehicle’s efficiency and ease of use, making it ideal for both experienced and inexperienced operators.

All three aspects are linked by a common thread: namely safety. Rotating telehandlers, combining a strong and functional chassis with an innovative and advanced technological system, are designed to put the operator at the core, supporting and simplifying his work.

Rotating telehandler: some application examples

Rotating telehandlers are specialized but nonspecific vehicles. In contrast to other solutions, as a result of the equipment they can be fitted with, such as man baskets, winches, lifting hooks, jib cranes with hooks, and many others, they can be used for a variety of tasks, including very different ones.

This feature, combined with the great safety and robustness of the equipment, has meant that rotating telehandlers have found wide scope for use in very different contexts and sectors, such as:

  • in the Colombian jungle, thanks to its large carrying capacity that made it the perfect vehicle for lifting, moving and handling high amounts of cargo in a short time;
  • to safeguard the forests, removing fallen trees, including large ones, as quickly as possible, at a fast pace to ensure the safety of the area;
  • within the mines of precious metals and stones, speeding up and simplifying every process.

Pegasus: the new DIECI rotating telehandler range

Starting from a careful listening to the needs of the sector, DIECI has renewed its range of rotating telehandlers, focusing on reliability, simplicity and robustness. Again, the new features of the vehicles focus on the operator and his safety, offering important advantages such as:

  • New software, Easy Tech System, developed by DIECI specialists to elevate the quality of electronics making it as high as that offered by the automotive sector;
  • Advanced Anti Tilt System Pro, which protects the operator by relying on dynamic calculation;
  • High Tech Boom Pro, for boom movements automatically managed by the control unit according to 6 selectable working modes;
  • High Resolution control, for maximum precision and control of the joystick, through the ability to set maximum threshold parameters.
  • Easy Work System, which automatically adjusts load capacity according to the position of the outrigger feet. In the event of an overload, it stops all aggravating movements;

In order to offer each organization the solution best suited to its needs, DIECI’s new line of rotating telehandlers consists of 9 models, divided into three series:

  • Pegasus Essential, a simple, reliable and safe vehicle designed especially for the rental market;
  • Pegasus Classic, multi-purpose and high-performance in all working conditions. These rotating telehandlers are equipped with dual 3.5” display integrated in the cluster and 7” display with integrated rear camera, to offer even more safety and maneuverability to operators;
  • Pegasus Elite, equipped with Easy Tech System technology and Bluetooth connectivity, providing even more comfort, efficiency and safety.

With DIECI’s rotating telehandlers, you have the perfect solution for every need, accessing all the features you need with a single vehicle, to work getting the best performance in every context.