New rotating telehandlers and the Apollo 26.6: DIECI brings innovation to SAMOTER 2023

From 3 to 7 May 2023 the 31st International Construction Equipment Trade Fair (SAMOTER) will take place, attracting leading players in the construction sector. Innovation, development and sustainability will be among the main themes of SAMOTER 2023, emphasising once again how Industry 4.0 has also transformed the world of construction machinery by setting new standards of efficiency, cost-saving and productivity.

DIECI will also be in attendance at the event, showcasing its outstanding new products, which are the result of significant investments into research, growth and technology. SAMOTER 2023 will be the ideal place to present the new range of Pegasus rotating telehandlers, consisting of 9 models divided into 3 lines, as well as the Apollo 26.6 mini telehandler, an essential vehicle for construction work in confined spaces, which has been completely updated.

New Dieci rotating telehandlers star at SAMOTER 2023

After going down a storm with an international audience at Bauma 2022, the new Dieci rotating telehandlers are back on show at SAMOTER 2023.

Visitors in the construction, building renovation, logistics, shipbuilding and rental sectors will have the opportunity to discover up close all the functions of the new range of DIECI rotating telehandlers, which are divided into:

  • Pegasus Essential with 400° non-continuous rotation designed for the rental market and for anyone in need of a basic, easy-to-use, safe and intuitive telehandler
  • Pegasus Classic with 360° continuous rotation, ideal for users who need a high-performance vehicle in all working conditions
  • Pegasus Elite with 360° continuous rotation, designed to increase productivity, ease of use, comfort and safety, and to offer high handling performance to industry professionals

The strengths that distinguish all the DIECI rotating telehandler lines are: efficiency, safety and comfort. Businesses rely on the availability of extremely high-performance and versatile vehicles that focus on the operator and user-friendly operation.

The innovation of Pegasus rotating telehandlers

The new Pegasus models provide access to an efficient and intuitive system, thanks to the integration of technologically advanced features such as:

  • Automatic wheel alignment, including pilot light for signalling correct steering
  • Automatic outrigger stowage, an extremely user-friendly option that can be activated at the press of a button in the cab
  • Easy Work System, which automatically adapts to the working area based on the position of the outrigger feet. In the event of an overload, the system stops all aggravating movements. The functionality can be kept under constant control thanks to the load chart shown on the display
  • Arm too high, which automatically limits the vehicle’s speed when the boom is raised
  • Soft Motion, which enables the operator to slow down movements according to the load

Operator safety is prioritised in all working conditions, by integrating simple and intuitive systems that prevent risks and problems, such as:

  • Outrigger self-levelling at the push of a button, whatever the terrain
  • Anti-Crash System, which eliminates blind spots and stops the vehicle in critical situations
  • Limits function, to limit the working area of the boom and vehicle
  • Anti-Tilt System, which prevents the telehandler from overturning by inhibiting aggravating movements
  • Automatic equipment recognition, with preset load chart for easier operation and increased safety

The Pegasus Classic and Elite models are also equipped with dual displays for digital management of controls, providing simple and intuitive access to the different driving modes or to the outriggers. The configuration is customisable, so the operator always has the most needed features close at hand.

In addition to the features mentioned, which simplify the operator’s work, the Pegasus Elite incorporates an evolved cab offering maximum comfort and user-friendly controls, such as:

  • Newly configured armrest, integral to the seat
  • Equipment locking and unlocking by means of a button on the joystick
  • Outriggers movement via dedicated joystick
  • Remote control for driving the vehicle from the ground or from the basket
  • Dual touchscreen display with Bluetooth connectivity.

Apollo 26.6 mini-telehandler stars at SAMOTER 2023

Another star attraction at SAMOTER 2023 is the DIECI Apollo 26.6 mini-telehandler, featuring an all-new design and engine. This fixed telehandler is the ideal solution for all construction tasks that require agility and precise movements. Its characteristics also make it the perfect vehicle for working in small and confined spaces, with the same efficiency and productivity that distinguish every DIECI telehandler.

The main features of this mini-telehandler include:

  • A load capacity of 2600 kg and a reach height of 6 metres
  • The electronic accelerator and the inching pedal, which make each manoeuvre smooth and controlled
  • The 3 steering modes—front, concentric and transverse—for smooth driving even with the heaviest loads
  • A robust and reliable telescopic boom, made of high-strength steel produced in-house by DIECI

Apollo 26.6 is the result of intensive research and ongoing dialogue with customers, who are the true driving force of the sector. The combination of these two elements has made it possible to develop a solution that is tailor-made to meet market needs. The high-tech content and the attachments finally guarantee a high level of performance, making this vehicle a versatile and manoeuvrable solution.

Once again, the centrality of the operator is at the heart of the innovations, where every feature introduced aims to improve both the vehicle’s simplicity and efficiency and the operator’s working conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety.

All the telehandler control functions are handled by a single control unit that measures the best working parameters through an advanced diagnostic system. The main innovations in terms of efficiency and performance include:

  • The single-lever Flow Sharing proportional hydraulic distributors, which ensure more simultaneous movements and greater response to controls, for more effective working
  • The single-speed hydrostatic transmission
  • The new 7 kW Yanmar engine (73 hp @2500 rpm)
  • The vast range of accessories, such as winches and baskets, which amplify its versatility. Also, thanks to the automatic equipment recognition, changeovers are quick and totally safe

A standout element of the aesthetic restyling is the new passenger compartment with an updated design:

  • Spacious cab, designed to ensure a high level of comfort
  • New 7” display with level of detail and depth similar to 3D. Navigation is easy and intuitive thanks to the 4 buttons that allow you to move between the different screens
  • Excellent visibility, thanks to the large windows and built-in rear view camera
  • New engine compartment, which offers major improvements in terms of accessibility and maintenance, reducing intervention times

With the new range of Pegasus rotating telehandlers and the Apollo 26.6 mini-telehandler, DIECI is ready to bring its innovation to SAMOTER 2023, showcasing all the advantages it offers to the construction sector.