Pegasus: the telehandler serving the environment

Forests cover 31% of the Earth’s land surface, spanning 4.06 billion hectares. They are fundamental for the environment, the population and also for socio-economic development, as they form the basis for products and services that generate income for tens of millions of people. Safeguarding forests means protecting the Earth and, by extension, humanity. Looking after them is a delicate operation that is entrusted to qualified, experienced and competent companies and people who can evaluate the type of intervention needed and which equipment to use, so as to minimise risks and the possible negative effects on plants. One company that does this well is Anton Preduschnigg, which operates in the forestry sector and specialises in maintaining and cleaning up forests, woodland and green spaces. To carry out its work the company depends on DIECI telescopic handlers, agricultural vehicles for transporting, lifting and positioning both light and heavy loads.

Anton Preduschnigg: what the company does and where 

Anton Preduschnigg is a forestry contractor based in the heart of Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost state, which is covered by 592,000 hectares of woodland and is therefore considered one of the most important green lungs of Europe.

Various tree species coexist in Carinthia, including oaks, poplars, beeches, stone pines, spruces and larches. Trees in this magnificent region can reach up to 40 metres in height and weigh over 1200 kilogrammes. Pruning is a delicate operation which, if not done properly, can compromise plant health and pose a risk to operators.

A multitasking telehandler 

Considering the particular context in which the company operates, the solution was immediately obvious: Anton Preduschnigg needed to equip itself with a machine that delivers the best possible combination of size, power, reach and lifting capacity. Besides operating in the forestry industry, the firm also provides services to local communities and individual customers, and so needed a robust, reliable, safe and above all versatile tool that could also be used in other contexts and for other functions, such as: 

  • Construction 
  • Aerial platform 
  • Clearing snow
  • Lifting materials

That is why the company opted for the best solution on the market: the Pegasus 45-30 telehandler from DIECI. 

Main features of the telehandler 

This particular type of telehandler is ideally suited to operating in confined environments such as the forests, villages and mountain roads of Carinthia, where it can make best use of its characteristic agility and operational versatility thanks to the 360° rotation. Pegasus can reach a lifting height of 29.6 metres, transport a maximum load of 4500 kg, and has a huge range of accessories including: 

  • Remote control 
  • Baskets 
  • Forks 
  • Jib cranes 
  • Shredders 
  • Snow ploughs and blades 

Anton Preduschnigg combined its Pegasus telehandler with a Woodcracker CS580 hydraulic grapple saw which, together with the telehandler’s boom, can reach the top of the tallest trees, grabbing trunks and cutting them at the same time. The hydraulic grapple incorporates a bandsaw that speeds up forestry work, while minimising risks for operators.
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A telehandler for ecosystem restoration 

The DIECI telehandler played a vital role in operations to remove felled trees in Carinthia after storm Adrian ravaged the area in October 2018. Wind gusts of up to 190 km/h wiped out an estimated 15 million cubic metres of trees in the affected regions, including over a million cubic metres in Carinthia alone.
The Pegasus-Woodcracker combo expedited the process of removing fallen trees and clearing space for subsequent reforestation, thereby facilitating ecosystem restoration efforts.