Pegasus: 9 great exclusives for the new DIECI rotating telehandler range

DIECI rotating telehandlers are one of the best performing solutions within sectors such as construction, quarrying, mining and emergency. Extremely versatile, these vehicles can easily replace a variety of equipment such as fixed telehandlers, cranes and aerial platforms.

Robust, reliable and easy to use, the new DIECI rotating telehandler range has been completely renewed, introducing 9 models over three series, combining safety, technology and comfort.

The new DIECI rotating telehandler range

Ease of use and high performance are the key factors characterizing the new Pegasus range of rotating telehandlers. These telehandlers are characterized above all by extraordinary loading and outreach capacities and an operating coverage of up to 2350 m2 as a result of the continuous turret rotation.

The new range of Pegasus rotating telehandlers is available in 3 series:

  • Pegasus Essential, which includes 400° non-continuous rotation telehandlers and consists of two models, Pegasus 40.16 and 40.18. This series, designed for the rental market, is targeted at users looking for a reliable, essential product with intuitive operation, to make their daily work easier, safer and more productive;
  • Pegasus Classic, which includes the 360° continuous rotation telehandlers. The 6 new models 60.16, 60.21, 50.25, 70.25, 60.26 and 60.30 offer an excellent synergy between load capacity and lifting capacity, for a multi-purpose, high-performance vehicle in all working conditions. In addition, the Pegasus Classic models are equipped with dual 3.5” displays integrated in the cluster and 7” display with integrated rear camera, to offer even more safety and maneuverability to operators;
  • Pegasus Elite combines the potential of the Classic line with Easy Tech System technology, designed to exponentially increase ease of use, efficiency, comfort and safety. Pegasus 60.35 is characterized by high performance, 6000 kg capacity, a lifting height of up to 35 meters, a 4.3” cluster-integrated display and a 12” touch screen. Maximum comfort is ensured by an evolved cab and the presence of Bluetooth connectivity, automatic air conditioning and air recirculation as standard.

Comfort and safety with new DIECI technology

Easy Tech System is the great DIECI innovation. This solution, developed by the company’s Research & Development department, was created by listening to the customer’s needs, with the aim of simplifying the operator’s life. With this system, Pegasus increases productivity on the construction site and offers greater efficiency, safety and control.

The new Easy Tech System provides an electronic quality equal to that offered by the automotive sector, simplifying work and increasing performance. Among the most important features are:

  • Feedback control movement for intelligent management of all vehicle movements;
  • Boom movement automatically managed by the control unit according to the 6 work modes that can be selected;
  • Soft motion function for gradual forward movement depending on load and configuration;
  • Self-leveling in stabilization, to work in total safety even on rough terrain and atypical contexts;
  • Anti crash system, to limit the working area of the boom and vehicle;
  • Remote control to drive the machine from the ground or from the basket, optimizing operation in any working environment.

A telehandler at the operator’s service

Once again, the centrality of the operator is at the heart of DIECI‘s innovations, where every feature introduced aims to improve both the vehicle’s simplicity and efficiency, and the operator’s working conditions, guaranteeing comfort and safety.

The new Pegasus rotating telehandlers have been upgraded with important features, starting with the reorganization of the controls, placing the most frequently used ones on analogue boards and implementing advanced functions on the display. Simple and intuitive operating parameters for quick and safe use in all working conditions.

Each model is designed to achieve high levels of performance, simplifying production processes under the best safety conditions. This is possible because of exclusive technologies such as:

  • Automatic equipment recognition, which eliminates all manual operation thanks to a preset load chart that speeds up equipment changes and ensures maximum control;
  • The advanced Anti Tilt System Pro anti-tipping system, which protects the operator by using dynamic calculation;
  • The Easy Work System, a technology that automatically adapts the working area according to the position of the outriggers’ feet and, in the event of an overload, immediately stops any aggravating movement.

In addition, using DTS (DIECI Telematic System) technology, the DIECI service team can access the vehicle remotely, checking its operating data, analyzing its parameters and correcting its functions, if necessary, thanks to the automatic software update or indicating to the operator the best maintenance procedures to intervene with.

Simplify work on your construction site with the new Pegasus rotating telehandler range. Access a range of new technological features to get the most out of this vehicle, improving work, guaranteeing comfort and total safety. Optimize your resources and choose a simple, robust, reliable solution designed around the real needs of your sector.