Construction vehicle rental: a growing trend

The range of construction vehicles that Dieci proposes for rental customers is meeting with increasing success.
This is due to both the versatility and flexibility of our construction telehandlers and other construction vehicles (dumpers and truck mixers) and the growing appeal of renting, which many construction companies are moving towards. Why prefer renting to actually purchasing a construction vehicle? Here are 5 good reasons.

The sharing economy is revolutionising our world, from apartment sharing to carpooling for commuting into and out of the city: it enables us to reduce costs, look after the environment and further evaluate whether a product offers good value for our needs. In recent years this new economic approach has also led to big changes in the construction industry, with a notable increase in construction vehicle rentals as opposed to outright purchases. As early as 2015, construction vehicle rentals surged by 13 billion euros and involved over 1,500 companies in Italy. Let’s discuss in detail the 5 reasons why a construction company should consider renting instead of buying.

  1. Renting a construction vehicle can be cheaper.

The first point to consider when talking about construction vehicle rental is cost savings: purchasing a vehicle involves maintenance fees, vehicle tax and services, without a reliable prediction of how much that particular construction vehicle might be useful in the projects that you are going to implement in the next 10-15 years, especially within a constantly developing social and economic context such as the one in which we live. Renting means making an investment commensurate with the actual short-term needs that you may face in your work.

  1. Outsourcing your work: you can rent a vehicle wherever and whenever you want it

Another important point to consider is outsourcing, i.e. even if you already have a particular vehicle, it makes sense to rent one if you’re going to use it in a geographic area that is far from your vehicle’s current location. After all, it’s important to reduce transport costs, and by renting you can accept jobs hundreds of kilometres away, without charging your customer unnecessary expenses.

  1. Renting is an assurance of quality and the latest technology

With technology evolving exponentially in every sector, from the medical field to construction, by renting a construction vehicle you have access to the most modern, cutting-edge equipment on the market at low cost, which can lead to improvements in working methods and streamline your project’s turnaround times. By renting, you don’t have to worry about having made a bad investment, or fear eventually ending up with an obsolete vehicle that can’t keep up with the competition.

  1. Rent the right construction vehicle at the right time

Greater flexibility means choosing the most suitable vehicle for the job to be undertaken and thereby increasing the chances of taking part in different work projects.
For some jobs you will need compact and manoeuvrable vehicles, whereas for other jobs you may need a greater load capacity, for example. Being able to decide which vehicle to use for each situation according to your needs is certainly an advantage.

This is another strength of the Dieci offering for rental customers: our range of telehandlers includes a wide choice for every need:

  • ability to lift at heights ranging from 4.35 m to 30 m
  • load capacity ranging from 2.000 kg to 23,000 kg
  1. Rental support and expertise

When you rent a construction vehicle, you’re not only renting a vehicle, you are also bringing to the construction site the expertise and assistance of a team of professionals who know the rented vehicle inside out, and who will take care of its daily maintenance with professionalism and precision. They can also quickly answer your questions, intervene in the event of malfunctions and offer you timely alternative solutions to avoid delaying your work, without running the risk of missing delivery deadlines.

In addition to these 5 good reasons we suggest another 2 very good reasons for choosing to rent a Dieci construction telehandler:

  1. Simplicity and user-friendliness, which enable your staff to be immediately operational, increasing productivity on the construction site and giving you the flexibility of being able to rotate different personnel on the same vehicle.

Safety: our vehicles have different safety systems to minimise human error, which enables your employees to work with greater peace of mind, increasing both the safety of personnel and the continuity of operations