The versatility of telehandlers captivates every sector

In a constantly evolving world of work, it is essential to benefit from professional and multi-purpose solutions. Companies operating in the construction, agriculture, mining, and emergency sectors typically require investment in versatile vehicles that are suitable for a variety of tasks, with excellent results in productivity, operating time, and cost.

Based on this need, telehandlers have increasingly gained a foothold on construction sites, farms and companies operating in mining in recent years due to their versatility. While their structural features allow them to replace more than one vehicle within the company, the many accessories that can be fitted allow the right solution to be available at the right time. So let’s take a look at the ways to fully exploit DIECI telehandlers, simplifying work and elevating performance.

The benefits of telehandlers for farms

On a farm, telehandlers support the work cycle by transporting, lifting and positioning large loads even within confined spaces. This peculiarity makes them a perfect solution for the agricultural sector, excellently replacing vehicles such as front-lift tractors or wheel loaders.

In particular, the telehandler can:

  • reach greater heights and distances, with a maximum height of 9.7 meters;
  • load dumpers, even large ones, and stack 5 or 6 levels of round bales;
  • move loads even in small operating spaces.

The great strength of agricultural telehandlers is precisely their versatility. In fact, these vehicles can be equipped with various equipment such as power take-offs, bale spikes, bale clamps, and lifting hooks. Because of their versatility, telehandlers can be used for:

  • Cereal storage and distribution. By fitting the telehandler with the bucket for light materials, it is easier to handle grains, wheat, barley, rye, and corn, decreasing work cycles due to the high loading capacity. The ideal solution for this area of application is Agri Pivot, the wheel loader with telescopic boom, now even safer, more comfortable and more versatile;
  • Livestock farming, this is where using the right accessory it is possible to intervene in different stages of livestock care. With the front bucket it is possible to feed cattle and clean the barn, with the needle fork to move hay bales and with the fork to move heavy loads. A good example is the poultry industry, where with just one telehandler it is possible to clear poultry houses of poultry manure, store it and reuse it as fertilizer;
  • Horticulture and nurseries. Here, telehandlers support the harvesting, storage and handling of vegetables and heavy loads such as pots, fertilizers and plants, using accessories such as lifting hooks, grabs and digging shovels;
  • Other application areas, such as biogas production and haymaking.

In addition to this, telehandlers can be used for the maintenance of other vehicles and structures on the farm, such as stables, silos and material storage areas. Starting from the needs of these application sectors and the requirements of polyculture companies, where it is necessary to have a vehicle with several applications, DIECI has renewed its Agri Revolution line, offering increasingly versatile, safe and comfortable solutions for operators.

The versatility of telehandlers in construction

Strength, performance, speed, safety and versatility are what make telehandlers powerful and efficient vehicles on construction sites. The versatility of these vehicles allows them to adapt to any context, providing the best results even in atypical surroundings such as narrow areas, low temperatures or uneven ground.

In the construction industry, telehandlers are mainly used to move and lift materials and/or people, as they have a high loading capacity. Again, the accessories that can be fitted make these vehicles extremely versatile, allowing them to replace:

  • forklift trucks, offering additional advantages such as reaching greater distances, greater visibility and use even on uneven ground;
  • aerial work platforms (AWP), thanks to the man basket, which offers greater stability and load-bearing capacity, reaching up to 6 meters from the ground;
  • crane, using the lifting hook or winch, and the bucket for material handling.

The main areas of use in the construction industry are:

  • Building work, such as new buildings and roofing;
  • Renovation, restoration and conservation work, generally in areas with difficult access for heavy vehicles but easily accessible by telehandlers;
  • Installation of large structures and construction of facilities, such as fields with wind turbines or temporary structures;
  • Logistics, ports and airports, in part because of the quiet operation of the vehicles and their ease of use.

Construction telehandlers can be either fixed or rotating, like the new Pegasus range, which meets every need, focusing on efficiency, performance, safety, comfort, technology and innovation.

Reasons for using a telehandler in mining

The great versatility and durability of DIECI telehandlers allow them to be fully utilized even in particularly hostile sectors such as mining. Here, these vehicles are being used for maintenance operations of other machinery, for setting up mining sites, for assembling conveyor belts or installing electrical and ventilation systems.

In order to provide further support to the sector by simplifying telehandlers’ use across quarries, open-pit mines and tunnels, DIECI has come up with a range of specific equipment, such as:

  • Grippers for cylinders are ideal for handling various types of cylinders in the maintenance of large vehicles;
  • Grippers for tires are suitable for working on large tyres;
  • Centring handlers are specially designed to position the centrings that will build the arches supporting the tunnel;
  • Gripper for tubes are ideal for handling pipes of different lengths and cross-sections;
  • There are man baskets to meet every need, such as the front basket, the removable basket, the trilateral hydraulic rotation basket, basket with positive-negative jib. In addition, a basket with canopy is available for safe operation in tunnels.

Using telehandlers in emergency situations

Due to their versatility and power, telehandlers are also used in the emergency sector. The army and civil defense choose to rely on these machines precisely because of their customization capacity, which allows them to be equipped with special attachments, quickly becoming the ideal vehicle for any emergency situation.

DIECI telehandlers can be used:

  • in the event of earthquakes, for removal of rubble and maintenance of electricity poles;
  • in major disasters such as the Morandi Bridge, where the telehandler was equipped with a water cannon mounted on the boom;
  • by the fire brigade, using, for example, the man basket for rescue. The cab equipped with a ventilation system, which allows the operator to work in complete safety, also plays an essential role here;
  • by the army, to move armaments, fuel, food, operating in very little time and facilitating the achievement of objectives in total safety.

Thanks to its great customer focus, DIECI succeeds in proposing concrete answers to the needs of the most important sectors, with customized solutions, robust and high-performing vehicles, relying on technology, innovation and experience.