Samson: a telehandler for coal mining in Indonesia

In some harsh environments, where even routine maintenance can become a real challenge, it is essential to rely on robust and efficient solutions. Mining is one of the sectors where this becomes indispensable. Here, inside open-pit mines and quarries, it is important to rely on vehicles that can speed up and simplify any maintenance work, avoiding unnecessary delays in work processes.

DIECI telehandlers, extremely multi-purpose and naturally versatile, fulfill this need, providing excellent performance for cylinder maintenance, tire removal, heavy load handling and much more. In Indonesia, at the Muara Teweh mine, it is the Samson 75.10 telehandler that handles all these processes dedicated to the smooth operation of the quarry.

The advantages of using telehandlers for mining

It is particularly important within the mining sector to rely on versatile, durable and high-performance solutions in every context. While giant dumpers are designed specifically for this sector, because of their robustness and practicality, telehandlers are the most suitable solution for heavy-duty applications where strength and speed are essential.

This is achieved with specific technological features such as:

  • High-strength steel structures produced in-house for top market performance;
  • Load sensing pump: to manage up to 4 simultaneous movements at maximum capacity;
  • The Vario System Transmission to ensure power, responsiveness and control even at maximum load, thanks to the integrated electronic control.

With these features, DIECI vehicles are ideal for carrying out specific tasks such as maintenance work on conveyor belts, ventilation systems and chain conveyors. By promptly adapting to any unforeseen event, they always offer the right solution, with efficiency and speed.

Why Samson 75.10

Samson telehandlers are extremely sturdy and powerful vehicles, which are able to operate in different sectors such as construction, mining and emergency. Their operational flexibility, power and fluidity of movement mean that these vehicles are extremely reliable and perfect for use in heavy-duty environments such as mines, quarries and tunnels.

The new models stand out for their efficiency, ease of use and intuitive controls, made possible by hardware and software developed by DIECI’s R&D department, which is renowned for its innovative and high-tech proposals.

The Samson telehandlers feature a high load capacity, both with the boom closed and extended, and are distinguished by their excellent performance for loading and unloading heavy material, thanks to the tilting kinematic mechanism equipped with counter-lever.

The versatility, robustness and loading capacity of the Samson 75.10 are the main features that made it the ideal telehandler for the Muara Teweh mine in Indonesia. Specifically, this vehicle is used to disassemble the tires of large dump trucks using the specific mining equipment developed by DIECI to make its telehandlers the perfect solution in all working conditions. The main equipment used are:

  • The tire gripper, which rotates and tilts very easily, allows users to handle even the large tires fitted on the giant dumpers operating inside the mines;
  • The gripper for cylinders, which makes it possible to use the same telehandler also for maintenance operations on mining excavators, allowing simple work on the cylinders of these large vehicles.

Thanks to the presence of the automatic accessory recognition system, using the equipment is easy and intuitive as they can be continuously attached/removed even several times during a work cycle, without the need for any specific operator training.

As for all DIECI solutions, the operator’s centrality is essential in every choice, especially when we are talking about comfort, safety and working conditions. To achieve these objectives, the models in the range are equipped with:

  • Arm Too High function: forward movement speed limited automatically when the boom is raised;
  • Automatic electric parking brake, even with the engine off: hill-start assist always available;
  • EN15000 anti-tipping system: aggravating movements blocked in the event of overload and load level always in evidence;
  • Increased lateral stability: more rigid chassis;
  • ROPS and FOPS Cab: operator protection guaranteed thanks to the dimensional stability of the cab;
  • Transverse leveling device: to always work with the chassis in horizontal position, even on uneven ground.

The Samson 75.10 telehandler is the full expression of all the versatility of DIECI vehicles, supporting mines and quarries in multiple stages of the work cycle. A perfect solution for companies that want to optimize time and costs, always having the right vehicle at the right time.

Coal mining in Indonesia

Coal mining is the driving force behind Indonesia’s economy, which alone supplies most of the power plants in China, India, Japan, South Korea and many other countries, including Europe. The world’s second largest coal exporter, it operates mainly with so-called steam coal, extracted from open-cast mines to produce electricity. Hundreds of vehicles such as excavators and construction equipment are used to remove the layer of topsoil above the coal in its mines.

Given its high importance to Indonesia’s economy, it is essential to invest in professional and high-performance solutions, both for extraction and for the maintenance of the vehicles themselves, relying on vehicles such as Dieci telehandlers.