Agri Max Power X2: the telehandler that revolutionizes the agricultural sector

Once again DIECI is relying on technology to offer high-performance telehandlers that bring real benefits to operators in different sectors. In the agricultural sector, where work is characterized by tight cycles and discontinuous rhythms, it is essential to rely on solutions that enable maximum performance, optimizing costs, time and long-term investment.

This idea led to the creation of Agri Max Power X2, which combines the highest-performing agricultural telescopic handler in the Dieci agricultural range with the innovative HVT-1 technology, made in collaboration with Dana Inc.. For the first time, a telehandler is supported by this incredible transmission, providing greater versatility, power and effectiveness.

All the advantages of HVT-1 on an agricultural telehandler

Agricultural telehandlers are extremely multipurpose vehicles, which are ideal for working in various sectors such as livestock farming, polyculture, horticulture, and cereal farming. Maximizing the performance of these vehicles while avoiding fuel waste and maximizing productivity is the challenge met by Dieci with HVT-1.

This transmission with Power Split technology is based on a continuous automatic variation of speed and torque, in which the mechanical and hydraulic components modulate their contribution according to the effort the machine has to overcome. A thermostatic valve combined with the electronic control of the fan drive manages the oil temperature to keep it constant, to ensure that smooth motion and torque output are always easily controlled.

The most important advantages provided by HVT-1 are:

  • Travel speed of up to 50 km/h;
  • Maximum torque to the wheels in standstill conditions and at low speed to support heavier work requirements;
  • Fast and smooth reversing;
  • Minimum consumption at the highest performance;
  • Reduced noise and vibration;
  • Increased accuracy and better response in maneuvering control;
  • Greater wheel traction: more comfort for towing a trailer on the road.

Agri Max Power X2: technology, strength and precision

For the first time in the world, the application of the HVT-1 transmission on a telehandler elevates Agri Max Power X2 to a high level in terms of performance and efficiency, making it an extremely useful vehicle within large farms and not only! However, the technological power of this telescopic handler simply does not stop there.

The main features of Agri Max Power X2 also include:

  • CAN-BUS technology which allows a 100% electronic control of the entire system, optimizing engine, transmission and boom, through the hardware-software co-operation.
  • Axle Absorbing System, the DIECI shock-absorbing system installed on the front axle for greater control and maximum comfort when driving, especially at high speed;
  • 4 driving modes, eco, normal, loader and creeper, which address the operator’s need to rely on a tool that optimizes machine performance under all conditions;
  • New braking system with upgraded brakes (4 packs of oil-bath carbon discs) on both axles is capable of handling the vehicle at a maximum speed of 50 km/h.
  • Easy ride system: the hydro-pneumatic boom suspension system can drastically reduce the oscillations encountered when driving over rough terrain or at high speed.
  • Transverse leveling system, integrated into the front suspension management system, to allow the operator to always position the chassis horizontally, to work safely even on the roughest terrain.

In addition, as for all DIECI telehandlers, operator comfort is rewarded with:

  • The Giugiaro Design cab, featuring a heated seat, more room for the operator, adjustable steering column and armrest, and soundproof roof, dashboard and mat;
  • The new 7” display, with easy and intuitive navigation that provides high visibility and ease of operation. With anti-tip warning lights, it integrates seamlessly into the vehicle’s safety system;
  • The Zero Shock System shock-absorbing system that can reduce oscillation even in the roughest terrain.

The agricultural telehandler suitable for every sector

The HVT-1 transmission transforms Agri Max into a forward-looking telehandler, suitable for every context of use and with an increasingly ecological footprint. This technology, integrated with all the features of Dieci’s telehandlers, makes this vehicle perfect for large farms and all production sectors looking for specific features.

Available in the three models 50.8, 60.9 and 65.8, the new Agri Max Power X2 provides lifting capacities of up to 65 kg and a maximum height of 9m. It is therefore possible to find in this telehandler, firstly, the broad functionality of the vehicle, which makes Agri Max the best performing of the DIECI agricultural telehandlers; and secondly, technological optimization that elevates performance, reducing waste and increasing speed.

Loading, unloading, transporting, lifting, and handling, so that a wide variety of jobs can always be carried out at peak performance. For large farms as well as waste dumps, biogas plants and recycling, Agri Max Power X2 is the solution of the future, providing excellent and increasingly green operations.