Dieci Telematic System: innovation at telehandlers service

With the advent of Industry 4.0, technological development and industry innovation have also strongly influenced the telehandler market, offering unprecedented functionality. The great revolution is not only about the technical specifications of the equipment, but is also about improving the very experience of operators all-around, focusing on service, safety and resource optimization.

This is how Dieci Telematic System was created, a telematic service that develops from customer needs, simplifying maintenance and management of telehandlers, improving after sales service and all related matters concerning after-sales service. In addition, for companies operating in the Italian context, this solution allows access to the tax benefits provided by the Industry 4.0 plan, meeting the required standards on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning and real-time data sharing.

With its DTS, Dieci once again puts the customer at the center of its innovations, offering a completely innovative range of rotating and fixed telehandlers to serve large companies operating in the agricultural, construction, mining or emergency sectors.

What is the Dieci Telematic System?

The Dieci Telematic System is an innovative telematic system implemented by DIECI that allows remote interaction with the vehicle, locating it, monitoring its functions, measuring its performance and limiting its use. This is made possible by a highly technological control unit installed on the vehicle, which is accessible by both the customer and the manufacturer, and capable of interacting with third-party applications via REST API. Thanks to 4G networks, it is possible to connect to the telehandler remotely and at any time, using smartphones, tablets or PCs.

The most important features of DIECI’s DTS include:

  • Advanced and secure connectivity, with real-time transmission of vehicle and system data, using the GSM network connection. At any time the operator can view all parameters, optimizing time and costs during both operation and service. All incoming and outgoing data are encrypted and managed by a central server that can control every parameter and avoid compromising the control units;
  • Remote support, with the ability to intervene directly on the vehicle. In this way, it is possible to change the telehandler’s parameters and update the software at any time, with significant time and cost savings, for example, by eliminating travel and in-person support;
  • Efficiency management, remotely recording performance data of the individual vehicles, which can then be accessed even after a period of time. This makes it possible to develop an internal database, having a history of the entire vehicle fleet. In addition, the data obtained can be used as a training element for personnel, by concretely showing performance, consumption and performance of a vehicle in relation to the user’s expertise;
  • Management of the vehicle fleet, accessing fuel levels, engine temperature or displaying faults. This further optimizes response times for timely and efficient management without downtime;
  • Areas and schedules, operators are able to set an adaptive time and work area so that they are informed in case of activity outside the set ranges;
  • Operator safety, particularly useful for operations and interventions in remote and atypical areas. With geofencing, it is possible to highlight the vehicle activation zone, monitoring possible accidental movement within areas indicated as hazardous. In this way, the operators are also more protected within the work area, being alerted if they unintentionally leave the safe zone.

Advantages of telehandlers with DTS

The entire range of DIECI telehandlers is now equipped with the telematics service developed by the Research and Development department in cooperation with a number of external suppliers. As a result, companies and operators using DIECI equipment have the opportunity to access important advantages and features while using a high-performance, safe and reliable vehicle.

Thanks to these features, using DIECI telehandlers makes it possible to increase the daily productivity of vehicles, while minimizing operating costs and optimizing processing times by effortlessly monitoring even a large fleet of vehicles. In addition, with a continuous connection to the portal it is possible to:

  • More easily identify the usage, efficiency and critical issues of vehicles, reducing both interventions and downtime;
  • Optimize service and maintenance, through remote access that allows all functions of DIECI telehandlers to be monitored at any time;
  • Prevent possible malfunctions by identifying critical uses or maintenance requests, responding in advance to the needs of each individual vehicle.

Data collection also enables the company’s internal research processes to be further enhanced, expanding its listening to customer needs. The R&D team can, in this way, focus on the needs that have emerged from the operators’ own requirements, improving functionality and analyzing how the vehicles are used. A double advantage, for increasingly efficient vehicles in line with market needs.

DTS for telehandler rental

Agricultural and construction telehandler rentals are becoming increasingly popular within the Italian market, following the positive trend already established in Europe. DIECI telehandlers equipped with DTS are ideally suited to fit within the new sharing economy paradigm, enabling industry operators to offer innovative and easily optimized vehicles. Again, in fact, through constant monitoring of all available data it is possible to increase the vehicles’ efficiency, improving their application and ensuring that end users can fully exploit every available resource.

For companies in the telehandler rental business, having easy and intuitive access to all of their fleet data allows them to:

  • know in detail where each vehicle is positioned;
  • perform functional, fast and preventive maintenance;
  • know specific features and performance of each vehicle, offering even more targeted support and assistance to the end customer.

With DIECI’s DTS, companies operating in the telehandler rental sector will always be assured of having a high-performance, innovative fleet ready for use, avoiding long periods of inactivity and further optimizing work cycles.

By relying on DIECI’s innovation you will be sure to have access to the telehandler you need, giving your operators the performance and safety they deserve.