Agricultural telehandler rental: a winning decision by Eurotecno

Recent years have seen the emergence of a popular new model of purchasing goods and services: the sharing economy. This model has caught on in diverse domains, from transport and training to technology. The sharing economy is now even transforming the agricultural sector thanks to the growth of telehandler hire.

Although purchasing agricultural vehicles remains the ideal investment choice for farming businesses, in today’s increasingly innovative, fast-moving and eco-conscious market, telehandler hire is an affordable short- and long-term solution: let’s find out why.

Why hire an agricultural telehandler?

Agricultural telehandler hire is growing in popularity, a trend supported by numerous rental companies that aim to offer their customers innovative, reliable and efficient solutions. Their objective is to supply businesses with customisable vehicles matched to the customer’s specific needs and following their seasonal, annual or multi-year work cycles.

The main benefits of hiring an agricultural telehandler include:

  • Significant cost savings: Hiring a vehicle means that the business doesn’t need to pay additional costs such as insurance, road tax or major maintenance. Once the vehicle becomes obsolete or develops problems, the rental company is responsible for proposing alternative solutions, according to the agreements signed with the customer.
  • Availability of the latest innovative solutions: Agricultural telehandlers are increasingly sophisticated thanks to investments in digital and other technologies. Companies like DIECI are increasingly focused on producing robust, powerful but also eco-friendly solutions that deliver real savings in terms of time, money and fuel. One excellent example of this is the Agri Max Power X2, the innovative DIECI telehandler designed specifically for the agricultural sector.
  • The right vehicle at the right time: Businesses can reduce outlay while also breaking into new markets, such as biogas, for example.
  • Support and expertise: Our team is always on hand to resolve any issue.

Telehandler rentals for biogas plants: Eurotecno’s winning venture

One of the first companies to realise the potential of telehandler hire for agriculture is Eurotecno, a company specialising in the rental of aerial work vehicles for shipbuilding and industry. The firm made the winning decision to expand its fleet of vehicles so that it can now offer extremely high-performance and versatile rental vehicles for agriculture. As part of this initiative, the company purchase ten Agri Max telehandlers, which are among the most popular models in the DIECI range.

Eurotecno’s bright idea was aimed at better meeting the needs of local farms that manage and operate biogas plants. Such businesses rely on high-performance, robust and fast vehicles to harvest, handle and store maize silage.

According to Matteo Vagliani, sales engineer for Eurotecno, the vehicles’ easy operation, high load capacity and strength were the key factors behind the decision to opt for DIECI telehandlers. Specifically, the farms in question handle 300–400 tonnes of maize and wheat silage every day, and their operations are greatly simplified and streamlined by the use of DIECI telehandlers.

Power and user-friendly handling aren’t the only factors that have made the Agri Max a winning rental solution for farming businesses. The Agri Max telehandler family is unique in the market thanks to:

  • Vario System transmission, which offers four different driving modes and makes it possible to travel from 0 to 40 km/h without changing gear;
  • Giugiaro Design cab, with 360° shock absorption, soft-touch interiors, heated seat, three suspension systems and optimised air conditioning;
  • DIECI Telematic System, a service that is especially helpful for rented agricultural vehicles. Thanks to this technology, qualified technicians can interact with the vehicle remotely to check its functionality and any performance issues.

“We chose to offer this type of vehicle to agricultural businesses because it is perfectly adapted to their needs,” explained Michele Cresti, technical sales manager for Eurotecno.It performs the same functions as a conventional wheel loader, but at the same time allows operators to reach considerable heights with the sturdy telescopic boom and to move around easily and quickly despite the sizeable load capacity, while also ensuring maximum driving comfort in every season.”

The experience of Eurotecno demonstrates the giant strides made in agricultural telehandler rental, a market that is destined to keep growing. In particular, DIECI guarantees the availability of rental vehicles with high-performance, technologically advanced solutions that are designed to put customers in the driving seat of their business.