Never too high

Hessen is rightly considered the greenest region of Germany: as much as 42% of its territory, consisting mainly of hills and low mountain ranges, is covered by forests. The region is also home to numerous rivers (the Fulda, the Lahn, the Eder, the Weser, the Rhine and the Main) and many well-tended gardens that surround both historic buildings and private homes.

It is natural that an environment like this, right next to Fulda (which is one of Hessen’s most important districts) is home to Mott Baumpflegedienst, a leading company (in Hessen and Northern Bavaria) in the tree and garden care market.

Mott Baumpflegedienst has purchased a Pegasus 45.30 with special equipment for pruning gardens, where older or taller trees in need of extra pruning or felling are often located close to homes. In order to prevent potentially serious accidents, pruning needs to be undertaken by experienced professionals (such as Mott Baumpflegedienst) using the most advanced and effective equipment.

The Pegasus 45.30 certainly ticks those boxes, with its 360° rotation, 4500 kg lifting capacity and maximum lifting height of 29.6 metres. It is now even safer and more effective for this line of work, thanks to the use of the Kinshofer KM 634-0.35-3Z logging grapple. This rotating hydraulic grapple/saw mounted on the head of the Pegasus boom can cut the highest canopies and branches as heavy as 2000 kg, even near to buildings. Using the Pegasus boom, the branch is gripped, held by the hydraulic claws (to prevent damage from falling timber) and simultaneously cut, before being safely deposited on the ground. Thanks to the Pegasus-Kinshofer combination, a job that would otherwise have taken hours and posed serious risks to the many operators involved can be done in just a few minutes and in total safety. Special thanks to Mott Baumpflegedienst for choosing our product and for the photos accompanying our article.