AGRITECHNICA 2017: a promise kept

Like with all nationalities, the Germans too are sometimes characterised by some hard to refute stereotypes. And they’re even harder when reality seems to confirm the clichés, as in the case of this 2017 edition of Agritechnica. The spokespersons of the event organisers, DLG (Deustche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft), had already issued the prognostic with classic German precision, and according to initial data published concerning the event, the reality was just as predicted: the increase in the number of visitors (more than 450,000, of whom more than 100,000 from outside Germany), the exponential increase in the number of exhibitors (60% more foreign companies than in previous editions), and, above all, the affirmation of Agritechnica as the world’s leading event in the sector, not merely as a showcase for companies to display their wares but especially as a forum for the exchange of ideas, research and innovation.

The event theme (Green future – Smart Technology) seems to have touched a nerve, not only among the visitors and industry professionals, but also among the politicians and business delegates from various countries, who attended the fair in numbers far in excess of those of past editions: in the words of DLG Executive Director Reinhard Grandke “…the innovations presented at Agritechnica will allow farmers to work in the best conditions to boost production in a sustainable manner, with the aim of boosting efficiency while conserving resources”. The fair was thus characterised by a widespread interest in the “green innovation” and this was clearly reflected at the new DIECI Stand, which drew crowds of visitors of various origins and from many different categories, although all seemingly displaying  solid technical expertise and awareness coupled with a high level of competence.

Like, for example, the families of “end users” of our products, especially on Saturday 18 November, who stopped by at our stand, preferring (we’d like to think) the colours and atmosphere of the fair to the uninspiring prospect of a trip to the shopping mall….

In these 7 days, the new Stand (considered by many to be the brightest and most appealing in the hall) was visited by industry professionals, farmers and animal husbandry specialists from all parts of Europe, especially Germany and the Netherlands (the country of origin of the majority of foreign visitors, as confirmed by the organisers) and from East European countries.

Visitors’ attention was monopolised by the New Giugiaro Design Cabs, which had produced high expectations in the run-up to the World Preview at Agritechnica. And the anticipation was clearly satisfied (given the high attendance) thanks to the extreme dynamism and automotive appeal of the design, which was greeted enthusiastically. The success is based not only on exterior appearance, but also and above all on the innovative contents (in terms of both materials and technological features) of the new cabs which will be installed on the vehicles in the New Agricultural Range starting from the second half of 2018. Another key attraction of the Dieci Stand was the new Mini agri 26.6: the latest arrival in the compact and powerful “Mini Telehandlers” family that is now even more powerful thanks to its 2.6 ton load capacity and 75 horsepower Kubota engine. Mini agri 26.6 also features a new dynamic power steering system, a wheels alignment indicator light and a cab with extra large windows. Taken together, these innovations produce a vehicle built in accordance with a new concept rather than an evolution of the series, perfectly in line with the spirit of the exhibition.

Like many others, we have to admit to feeling a little nostalgic for the time we spent in Hanover, but we’ve already got an eye on the next edition (10 – 16 November 2019): the Fair kept its promises and, aware of our growing reputation as a successful brand, we intend to make sure we keep our own.