Zeus 35.11: a telehandler for public buildings in Aragon

Construction is undoubtedly the sector in which telehandlers find their greatest application, simplifying and speeding up several stages of work. They can be used within construction sites or in large public works, and their versatility, combined with their robustness and lifting capacity, allows for excellent results, optimizing costs and time.

The high performance and versatility of telehandlers also make them an excellent investment for the public sector, where they can be used in logistics activities, extraordinary maintenance, public works or emergency situations, as in the case of Zeus 35.11. We are going to see in detail how this telehandler, selected for restoration and redevelopment operations by the Mio CID community, a public entity of the province in Soria, Spain, is employed.

Telehandlers for maintenance work

In construction sites, telehandlers have proven to have become an indispensable vehicle for handling and positioning construction materials, prefabricated parts, or loose components such as gravel and soil.

These vehicles offer, in fact, several advantages for renovation, extraordinary maintenance and conservation works, thanks to specific features such as:

  • The small size and easy maneuverability of this vehicle makes it perform well even within areas that are not easy to access, such as historic centers, backyards or uneven terrain;
  • Versatility, facilitated by the possibility of equipping the telehandler with various specialized equipment. This functionality amplifies its use, making it an excellent short-, medium- and long-term investment. In fact, a telehandler can be used in place of forklifts, aerial platforms and cranes, reaching higher and farther and providing accessibility even in inaccessible areas;
  • Safety, which ensures excellent working conditions for operators even within complex, delicate or emergency contexts.

In addition to maintenance work, within the public sector a telehandler can also be used in other tasks. Examples include construction work on large temporary structures such as grandstands for events, concert stages, stands for events, fairgrounds, etc. Again, it is range capacity and versatility make the difference, offering excellent results on par with comfort and safety to protect operators.

The advantages of Zeus telehandlers for the public sector

Among the many vehicles available, Zeus telehandlers stand out within the public sector for their versatility and compactness, offering the right balance of power and agility, also because of structural features such as:

  • lifting height from 8 to 13 meters;
  • lifting capacity from 3.5 to 4 tons;
  • power up to 54.6 kW.

As a result of these characteristics, these telehandlers are ideal for use within large maintenance works or in public redevelopment activities, keeping operating costs low while maintaining high productivity. To further optimize and simplify their use, enhancing their dynamism and efficiency in every context, these vehicles have specific features, such as:

  • Radio remote control that allows the vehicle to be driven from the ground;
  • Proportional hydraulic distributor with accessory recognition system for easy, fast and safe equipment changeover;
  • Tow hitch;
  • DTS (Dieci Telematic System), which allows constant monitoring of the vehicle, even remotely.

Technological equipment, meanwhile, keeps the safety system high at all times, thanks to:

  • the presence of a single joystick that manages all boom movements;
  • the automatic electric parking brake, for assisted climbs even when the engine is off;
  • the integrated FNR joystick, which automatically senses the presence of the operator;
  • the display that provides access to all machine information and diagnostics, in real time;
  • the dashboard with clear and intuitive instrument panel.

With the Zeus range, operators can therefore access a wide range of features, working well and quickly, without compromising comfort and safety and having all the tools they need for easy and optimized use.

Why Zeus 35.11

Among the various vehicles that complete Dieci’s range of telehandlers, Zeus 35.11 was selected for public works in Aragon, purchased through Macarsan, DIECI’s dealer in Spain.

Compact and maneuverable, this telehandler features:

  • a maximum load capacity of 3500kg;
  • a maximum lifting height of 10.6m;
  • a power output of 54.6 kW.

Within the Spanish municipalities, the telehandler will be used for routine and extraordinary maintenance work, filling different roles also thanks to its excellent compatibility with many specific accessories, such as:

  • sweeper with irrigation system and side brush;
  • trilateral basket, for transporting people or materials at height;
  • forks, for loading and unloading pallets, even on inclined and uneven surfaces.

This means that a wide range of solutions can be accessed with Zeus. The telehandler optimizes and simplifies every performance, taking advantage of its multifunctionality on the one hand and, on the other, its excellent specificity, to achieve high results during every type of use, always guaranteeing safety and comfort for the operator.