Two telehandlers Hercules 120.10 for the Armada de Chile

Dieci telehandlers are highly versatile machines, a characteristic that, regardless of their size, allows them to perform different jobs, meeting all handling needs.

Like the construction sector, also the logistics sector has special needs in terms of loading capacity and the possibility of maneuvering: large loads in spaces, often narrow, that have to be moved frequently.

The wide Dieci range also comes to our aid in these cases, offering vehicles with load capacities ranging from 2,000 kg to 23,000 kg and height capacities of up to 30 m. As a result of Dieci’s attention to the needs of its customers, it is possible to find the ideal vehicle for each specific requirement.

It is precisely for these reasons that Dieci’s telehandlers are also often used in ports and airports in operations such as airplane handling for periodic maintenance, or the transport of material that needs to be embarked.

New telehandlers for the chilean navy

During 2021, the Chilean Navy‘s Directorate of Supply issued a public tender for the purchase of two new telehandlers to replace the old and obsolete machinery used for port handling.

In order to participate in the tender, it was necessary to propose vehicles meeting specific characteristics, both in terms of functionality and safety. More specifically, two telehandlers were required with:

  • Rated capacity of 12t;
  • Diesel engine with minimum power of 100 Kw and hydrostatic transmission with 4×4 drive;
  • Minimum lifting height at load of 9 meters;
  • Controlled forward movement pedal group and tires suitable for working on gravel and/or mud roads;
  • Equipment quick-coupling system from the cab;
  • Lateral tilt corrector;
  • Load limiter with indication on display;
  • ROPS and FOPS approved cab, equipped with air conditioning and heating with defrost function;
  • Adjustable seat with operator detection system.

The Chilean Navy also found it essential to receive after-sales support and the opportunity to carry out a training course on the use of the telehandler as well as on the main failure symptoms directly on site.

Successful in meeting all the specified requirements in the tender were two Dieci telehandlers represented in Chile by Salfa Maquinaria.

The vehicles were delivered to the Marina Militare headquarters in Valparaiso, but their final destination will be in southern Chile where they will be used for handling and transferring heavy loads in both the Talcahuano and Magallanes logistics centers.

Why Hercules 120.10

This range of powerful telehandlers, which ranks in the market of “giants,” encompasses all the pluses required by the Chilean Navy with respect to maneuverability, comfort and advanced hydraulic solutions, capable of fully utilizing its strength in port and shipbuilding sites. In addition, the Hercules family stands out for its safety in operation, which, among others, incorporates:

  • Automatic blocking of dangerous movements in case of machine overload;
  • Arm too high function: travel speed limited automatically when the boom is raised;
  • DIECI exclusive “Inching” pedal, which allows the machine run at slow and controlled speed also with engine at full throttle.

With a maximum capacity of 12 tons and a 9.5-meter boom, Hercules 120.10 immediately proved to be a very useful machinery for Chilean Navy operations.

Furthermore, the sophisticated equipment makes it particularly suitable for handling and working in ports as it includes both a mobile fork system with a length of 2.4 meters and a 3 m3 bucket for lifting and transporting cargo and containers.

Currently, the Navy’s new vehicle is already in Valparaíso for its operation, where Salfa professionals have been training Navy personnel to get the best performance from the telehandler. “This machine has very specific uses and cares, therefore we aim to provide our customers with the maximum knowledge in order to facilitate not only the operation of the equipment, but also to extend its useful life,” says Ignacio Muñoz, product manager for Salfa machines.

The Armada de Chile: a 200-year history

The Armada de Chile, or Chilean Navy, was founded in 1818 as a result of the nation’s independence from Spanish rule. It not only protects Chile’s coastline and supports Chilean sovereignty, but also aims to protect and monitor the more than 4300 kilometers of coastline stretching into the Pacific Ocean, reaching the South Pole along the coast of Chile’s Antarctic territory. It performs not only military service but also surveillance, rescue, search and security of the national maritime zone.

The great length of its coastline requires Armada de Chile to invest heavily and pay close attention to efficiency, resource management and logistical organization of its facilities. This resulted in the choice of highly specialized, robust and efficient solutions, products and machinery, such as DIECI telehandlers.