The Icarus telehandler taking care of aircraft at Wonderboom airport

Our Icarus 40.17 telescopic handler even comes in useful at Wonderboom airport in Pretoria, South Africa. It is operated by 208 Aviation, a company specialising in the maintenance of private and commercial aircraft.

The Dieci telehandler is tasked with handling aircraft undergoing periodic overhauls that are performed after approximately 18,000 flight hours, in which the aircraft is almost completely dismantled down to the smallest components, re-assembled and then flight-tested.

It is for these checks that aircraft come to 208 Aviation from all over South Africa and neighbouring countries.

In these photos we see Icarus extracting the fuselage of an AT-300 Air Tractor from a shipping container. It is a delicate operation at the best of times, but even more so when the cargo is a valuable vintage aircraft.

Fortunately, the Dieci telescopic handler is a machine built to lift loads up to 4 tonnes, a machine in which enormous lifting power is combined with extreme precision and control.
Once the plane is hitched at its centre of gravity (just in front of the cockpit), Icarus lifts it carefully from the bottom of the container, then pulls it backwards without hitting the wings and other components still stowed inside the container, before placing it gently on the supports.
It takes just a few minutes to complete an otherwise long and difficult task.
Icarus is a name associated with flight, but in this particular place, planes and a telescopic handler shine together under the African sun: the Air Tractor flies, but the Icarus makes it fly.

The Icarus telescopic handler is a very versatile vehicle designed to perform the most diverse handling tasks.
The vehicles in the range have a lifting height ranging from 13m to almost 18m and can handle
4-5 tonnes in weight.

This vehicle is ideal for ports, airports, shipyards and logistics warehouses.
For every situation in which materials, goods or machinery need moving or vehicles and buildings need maintaining, Icarus is the go-to solution.

DIECI IN THE WORLD: under the African sun

The versatility of Dieci telescopic handlers is aptly demonstrated by their presence in the furthest corners of the world. From the cold climate of Scandinavia to warmer regions, they are often chosen for the comfort they provide to operators, even in extreme conditions.