New DIECI Cabs: looks count too

The main features of DIECI products can be summarised in three concepts: Reliability, Durability and Advanced Technology, three simple ideas that have always been the hallmark of our vehicles. Another concept we might justifiably add is that of style: an intrinsic quality of Italian made products. Traditionally, the Dieci vehicle cabs offer a distillation of Comfort, Functionality and Safety, and from today we have decided to add the touch of one of the most celebrated Italian designers: at AGRITECHNICA, DIECI will be hosting the WORLD PREMIER presentation of the Concept of the NEW 2018 CAB, designed specifically for Dieci by the renowned Giugiaro DESIGN brand, further underscoring the DIECI Construction Ethos and its ability to deliver a winning combination of efficiency, innovation and style.

The interiors of the new cab have been entirely created using soft touch materials of automotive pedigree, offering an exceptionally tactile surface combined with structural stiffness that reduces the transmission of vibration and improves thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The various components are injection moulded, a procedure that makes it possible to reduce the number of parts while maximising their dimensional precision, thus facilitating the assembly stage, increasing structural rigidity and enhancing the perception of the aesthetic quality of the new design. In addition, the use of delicate colours helps to brighten the cab interior for optimal visibility. The legendary comfort of DIECI cabs has been further enhanced with the adoption of a new shock absorption system (capable of smoothing out the harshest bumps efficiently, even when negotiating rough terrain) and a new Air Conditioning System that guarantees a level of air distribution uniformity like no other telehandler model, thanks to advanced fluid dynamic studies performed with CFD simulations.

Also the ergonomic design was subject to painstaking analysis, resulting in a rational instrumentation layout and the adoption of an adjustable armrest for the new joystick. The joystick also incorporates the fwd/rev selector (FNR reverse shuttle) for easier and more practical direction control. The CANBUS system establishes the optimal work and safety parameters by means of in-depth diagnostics, presenting the values on the new 7” LCD display in real time thereby allowing the operator to keep track of all the necessary information to monitor the vehicle and its systems in a detailed and intuitive manner. The vehicle’s electronic control system (fully integrated) is an exclusive DIECI feature. The switches are back-lit, and all the vehicle’s control functions (Steering mode, RPM control, Travel speed and Diagnostics) are managed by a single control unit. The New Cabs will be available in two versions: Standard and Deluxe, and starting from the second half of 2018 they will be installed on vehicles in the New Agricultural Range destined for the European and North American markets.