Agri Max 60.9, the telehandler for livestock farming

Both small and large farms in the agricultural sector have an increasing need to rely on versatile and efficient solutions. In fact, companies working with polyculture, livestock and cereal farming are immersed in an increasingly dynamic market, where it is important to be present in more than one sector, focusing on heterogeneous and sustainable agricultural production.

La Stalla Sociale di Monastier is an example of this, as this Italian company has decided to expand its fleet of agricultural machinery by once again relying on DIECI telehandlers. Not only Agri Plus 40.9, but also Agri Max 60.9 has been brought into the farm, thanks to its high performance and excellent versatility. Let’s learn about all the advantages of a telehandler for livestock farming and the Agri Max family.

Telehandlers: versatile solutions for every farm

On farms, it is now essential to have vehicles that can easily support the fast pace of work, adapting to multiple operational tasks. It has become essential to optimize investments relying on versatile and high-performance solutions to operate in an increasingly large and competitive market.

After having tested the DIECI range with their own hands, La Stalla Sociale di Monastier opted for a new member of the extensive DIECI telehandler family, through Rinaldin Group, a dealer in the province of Treviso, Veneto. What attracted the farmers’ attention was the versatility and specialization of these vehicles, supported by the presence of technical equipment designed specifically for the agricultural and livestock sectors.

DIECI telehandlers are in fact equipped with a number of accessories that can be easily fitted, making them suitable for different tasks in just a few moments, such as:

  • the front bucket, useful for feeding livestock and cleaning out stables;
  • the needle fork or the bale clamp, for moving bales of hay;
  • the forks, for moving heavy loads.

An important advantage that combines with the high-performance technical features of DIECI telehandlers, which are increasingly robust, reliable, easy and intuitive to operate, as well as extremely durable and simple to service.

Why Agri Max

Robust, powerful and with a large load capacity, the Agri Max family comprises telehandlers which are ideal for companies that need to move significant load volumes while maximizing productivity. Nurseries, olive mills, biogas, recycling and companies with heterogeneous production can fully benefit from these vehicles.

The main advantages of Agri Max telehandlers include:

  • 4 different driving modes, normal, ECO, loader and creeper, which speed up operations and reduce work cycles, simplifying speed changes from 0 to 40 km/h;
  • Remote telemetry, a feature that allows vehicle performance to be monitored remotely, further simplifying vehicle management and optimising fuel consumption;
  • 7” Idea display for intuitive monitoring of vehicle operating parameters;
  • Enhanced functions to facilitate material handling. With Shake it is possible to shake the shovel at the end of its stroke, facilitating the unloading of material; with Wall it is possible to maintain the equipment vertical position both uphill and downhill; with Memory the equipment position is memorized, simplifying its management;
  • Rapid equipment attachment system, to be immediately operational.

Furthermore, to ensure operator comfort throughout the work cycle, Agri Max telehandlers are equipped with:

  • “Zero Shock System”, to dampen the most unpleasant oscillations on the roughest terrain;
  • Easy Ride“, an exclusive anti-pitching system, which facilitates driving on uneven terrain by neutralizing oscillations under load;
  • Cab soundproofing, as a result of the engine hood specially designed to reduce noise emission and optimize heat dissipation;
  • Optimized air conditioning, to work with the right temperature in every season;
  • 360° visibility ensuring safety in every context of use;
  • High maneuverability even in tight spaces.

With Agri Max, farms access a wide range of advantages, characterized above all by faster work rates, supporting excellent and reliable performance in every context of use. DIECI’s telehandlers prove to be the winning choice for small and large entities aiming to become efficient, sustainable and with optimized operating costs.

The Stalla Sociale of Monastier: an important local organization

The Stalla Sociale of Monastier was founded in 1969, by a group of small farmers with strong concrete perspectives for work in agriculture. Now after forty years of growth, the company is operating in different fields, including agricultural cultivation, cattle breeding, biogas and vineyard, with 45000 square meters of farm area and 600 hectares of cultivated land.

Within this important entity in the Veneto region, Dieci telehandlers are used to care for the 3,000 livestock. Due to their versatility, the vehicles are easily used not only for fodder distribution and bedding arrangement but also for other barn work such as cleaning, arrangement, loading and unloading of goods, etc.