A construction telehandler for Korean skyscrapers

Confined spaces and great heights: our Pegasus telehandler is at its best on busy South Korean construction sites

A construction telehandler can work safely even in the confined surrounds of a big city.

A case in point is the city of Incheon in South Korea, where one of our Pegasus 45.30 telehandlers can often be seen moving independently through metropolitan areas or the sprawling commercial port; wherever there is a need to handle large loads weighing up to 4500 kg at heights of 30 metres.
Moreover, thanks to its radio control, rotating turret and four steered wheels, it can handle loads easily and safely even in tight spaces.

Incheon is one of Korea’s major economic centres and the country’s largest commercial port, a hub of intense trade with Asia, Australia and Europa. As a result of the city’s significant trade volume, its real estate market continues to grow, creating a demand for offices, houses and widespread renovation. However, since building land is very expensive, real estate tends to develop upwards rather than expanding outwards.

WANGJING LIFTING SOLUTIONS is a construction company that specialises in lifting materials at great heights and in confined spaces, characteristics that are typical of large urban centres in South Korea.
For these operations, Wangjing uses the Pegasus 45.30 telescopic handler, which is perfect for the vertical movement of large loads.
Thanks also to the option of fitting a series of accessories, this vehicle is able to meet any lifting requirement.
From large air conditioning units to ornate tiles, the Dieci Pegasus 45.30 is always on the move, keeping pace with a big city that is in constant flux.

The chosen telescopic handler and its distinctive features

The Pegasus is a telescopic handler compatible with various accessories that enable it to perform different jobs (besides being used as a telehandler, it can also be turned into an aerial work platform).
It is available in two versions: with non-continuous rotation (400°) or with continuous rotation (360°).
Its strengths are easy operation, an extensive range of safety equipment, and a reliable and precise joystick with deadman sensor that allows the turret rotation speed to be adjusted or reduced.