The best results in BAUMA’s 65-year history

Record BAUMA attracts more than 620,000 visitors: it was with this headline that the organisers’ press release summed up the overall positive impression among exhibitors and visitors, which was also confirmed by Dieci CEO Ciro Correggi, who personally attended the trade fair in Munich: “Yes, the turnout at the DIECI stand was so big that we were constantly busy, with hardly a minute free. I fully concur with the organisers’ press release, this edition clearly gave the perception of a market that’s going places, especially when it comes to vehicle hire: a market that was almost inexistent in Italy until a few years ago, but which today has become a priority. A priority for construction companies, for the construction sector, and which has also extended to the industrial sector. Industrial businesses are unlikely to buy a vehicle, they find it much more affordable to rent one, but always with a focus on the quality and reliability of the vehicles offered. Qualities that I believe are the basis of the successful turnout at our stand: the considerable interest generated by all the vehicles in the new Construction Range no doubt derives precisely from the peculiar characteristics of great quality, reliability, good performance, high-quality finishing and from the technological innovations adopted on our vehicles. I noticed particular interest in the Dumper 8000 and in the new Apollo 20.4, a vehicle that I believe will bring us immense satisfaction in the near future. And while it is true that the vast majority of our visitors were from European countries, I could not help but notice a considerable number of East Asian operators, especially Chinese, with whom I believe we will have more and more dealings in the future. Already there have been some exploratory contacts, and a delegation visited the company a few days ago, so we’ll see how the situation will evolve. Overall, I can only be satisfied with the progress of a trade fair that is underlining its reputation as the sector’s largest and most complete showcase event. Beyond the commercial aspect, it has also provided an opportunity to admire, at first hand, vehicles that can otherwise only be seen in documentaries!”