Telehandler: is it better to buy or rent?

When we talk about telehandlers, we are referring to quality products with specific dimensional and strength characteristics. This is precisely why DIECI offers rental companies a wide range of telehandlers to choose from.
But, when is it better to rent and when should you purchase one?
Here is a guide on how not to make mistakes, based on your type of business!

What are telescopic handlers and what are they for?

For anyone who has a construction company or who works in the agricultural sector, telehandlers are an essential vehicle that enables the user to work safety and efficiently, even in adverse conditions. These vehicles allow the aerial lifting of materials or objects (take DIECI Pegasus telehandlers, for example, which can lift considerable payloads up to 30 metres in height) and, thanks to a wide range of available equipment, can perform various tasks.
Indeed, the standout feature of telehandlers is their versatility, which is why we find them employed in different sectors: mining, civil protection, military, motor racing, logistics and transport, to name just a few.

Telehandlers can be divided into three main groups:

  • Fixed telehandlers. On these vehicles the telescopic boom doesn’t rotate about the chassis, but is attached to it, forming a unitised body that starts from the pivot anchor.
  • Articulated telehandlers. The perfect solution for greater aerial manoeuvrability, making it possible to reach past obstacles and access the most hidden spots.
  • Rotary or swivelling telehandlers. The boom rotates up to 360° continuously, and is useful for moving heavy payloads on a construction site (for example, the Pegasus 60.21 can lift up to 6000 kg over 20 metres in height).

Telehandler: rent or purchase?

When deciding whether to purchase or rent a construction vehicle, it’s important to point out that there are no right or wrong answers. Each company has its own needs and specificities. Undoubtedly, not every company can afford to buy any of the wide range of products that are available to rent. On the other hand, purchasing a vehicle is an essential option for anyone who needs to use it daily, and can be more cost-efficient.

So, when deciding whether to purchase or rent, the first important guideline is also the most self-explanatory:

  • For businesses such as farms, which need to use the vehicle constantly and on a daily basis, purchasing makes more sense.
  • For businesses such as construction companies, whose performance and usage needs fluctuate over time, renting is more advisable.

Indeed, renting is widespread in the construction sector, and one of its great advantages is being able to choose the right solution at the right time.
When faced with contract tenders or major orders, the company can easily work out the cost of renting the telehandler that best matches its needs and include it in the price quotation.
Furthermore, in the event of problems or malfunctions, a professional and expert support team is on hand to adjust or replace the vehicle.

The advantages of the Dieci range for rental.

Dieci telehandlers have been designed taking into account the practical needs of today’s businesses. Whatever a company’s telehandler rental requirements, DIECI has the answer, thanks to its wide choice of vehicles with maximum lift height from 5.78 m to 30 m and load capacity from 2500 kg to 23,000 kg.

But that’s not all. The construction sector today needs to reduce operating costs and optimise productivity, so vehicles must be able to “handle different jobs” on the same work site.
For this reason DIECI offers a range of construction vehicles with:

  • extremely robust construction
  • high load capacity
  • extraordinary handling and reliability qualities
  • technologies that prevent human error
  • incredible flexibility of use

This means having safe and reliable vehicles available that can be used easily and intuitively so they are immediately operational and which—thanks to the range, performance and specific equipment—can solve different needs.



Rent vs purchase: what to consider

Although renting telehandlers or other construction vehicles is often the most viable solution, there are some guidelines that can help a business decide whether to purchase or rent:

  • Evaluate the work area: identify the type of terrain and the presence of any aerial obstacles so that you choose the vehicle that fits your actual needs.
  • Duration and type of work. If you are carrying out annual contracts, it is important to assess whether renting might turn into a more expensive investment in the long run.
  • Classify the incidence of unforeseen events: purchasing a vehicle can be limiting in the event of unforeseen circumstances. On the other hand, businesses that rent equipment are supported and advised at every step of the process.
  • Consider the effect that using a particular vehicle might have on the job at hand: choosing the right vehicle for the right job saves a lot of time. That is why Dieci has designed a wide range of telehandlers capable of responding to the most varied needs.

In conclusion, deciding whether to buy or rent a telehandler involves weighing up numerous variables.

If you are a rental company, please visit the page dedicated to our RENTAL RANGE and contact us to find out about purchase terms and special solutions