Pivot: advantages, versatility and comfort of DIECI pivot steer telehandlers

With an increasingly unpredictable and active market, companies in the agricultural and construction sectors have an increasing need to rely on multi-functional, precise, reliable, fast and high-performing equipment such as pivot steer telehandlers.

The vehicles in the Pivot range are designed and manufactured to offer maneuverability, excellent visibility, comfort and excellent performance even in unconventional environments.

We will explore all the peculiarities and advantages of Agri Pivot and Pivot, designed respectively for the agricultural and construction sectors, with Lorenzo Parma, Export Area Manager of DIECI’s southern Italy and foreign sales office.

Is Pivot a telehandler or a wheel loader?

Pivot can be defined as a wheel loader with a telescopic boom. It is characterized, unlike fixed telehandlers with steering axles and a rigid chassis, with a central pivot joint that connects the front and rear chassis. This means that the vehicle is able to steer by means of the central double pivot joint, which provides greater control and maneuverability of the vehicle.

The engine is longitudinal at the rear of the vehicle and the boom is fulcrum-mounted in front of the cab. These features ensure improved accessibility for maintenance and excellent visibility to the side and rear.

In addition to the ease with which the vehicle can load, lift, move and reposition material smoothly and accurately, it also provides greater comfort and safety for the operator who uses the telehandler.

What distinguishes a wheel loader from a telehandler?

Pivot consists of a typical wheel loader chassis, on which a telescopic boom is fitted. Put simply, it is the result of combining a telehandler with a wheel loader.

The most significant features of both products can be found inside this vehicle, from the pivot steering of the wheel loader to the elevation of the telescopic boom. This combination makes Pivot a unique product, created to offer quite different solutions and functions compared to fixed telehandlers.

What kind of work is Pivot used for?

Pivot is the perfect solution in all those sectors where reaching the heights of a telehandler while maintaining the maneuverability of a wheel loader is essential. As a result, this telehandler combines two indispensable solutions within the agricultural and recycling sectors, allowing significant cost and time savings.

These special features also make it interesting for companies that already own a fixed telehandler, and which see in Pivot a further possibility to implement and simplify their work.

Are there markets where it is still not used?

Yes, especially in southern Europe. In fact, this vehicle is still unknown in this location, which is surprising if we look at the potential of the agricultural market in this area. Furthermore, pondering the vehicle’s specifications, I believe that in the future it could also cover sectors other than agriculture and construction, such as industry.

Thinking about these businesses, even large scale, where loading and lifting capacity is required, and where compact and robust vehicles suitable for intensive work cycles are needed, Pivot can find an important place. At present, these activities are carried out by standard wheel loaders, but even here the versatility of this vehicle could be used, also in relation to the many accessories that can be fitted.

What accessories can be fitted?

This pivot steer telehandler is an extremely versatile vehicle, which precisely because of its special design can fit the accessories of both a classic telehandler and a wheel loader.

With this in mind, the engineers and designers in DIECI’s R&D (research and development) department have facilitated the use of equipment through specific solutions such as:

  • The skid loader plates, ideal for assembling all equipment in a simple and intuitive manner;
  • The quickdep which is a hydraulic socket depressurization system that facilitates the effortless connection of equipment;
  • The equipment parallelism system, which allows equipment to be automatically kept parallel to the ground during boom lifting and lowering operations.

Which are the vehicle defining features?

What differentiates this telehandler is its cab. The Pivot cab, in fact:

  • Is in a central position that allows it not to interfere with either the telescopic boom or the engine. This provides 360° visibility that is not possible with classic telehandlers;
  • Has excellent visibility that allows monitoring equipment positioned on the boom head. This is particularly useful, for example, when working with a bucket or a snow plow, being able to have a complete view of both ends (also this is impossible with classic telehandlers);
  • Is considerably larger than those found on other telehandlers, ensuring an excellent level of comfort for the operator, even after many consecutive hours of use.

For DIECI, comfort is a very important issue. Increased comfort means working better and more carefully, and thus creating an even safer environment for maneuverability inside and outside the vehicle. This is precisely why Pivot is characterized by:

  • largest cab in its class, with a central driver’s seat in a raised position. The perfect combination of visibility and compactness;
  • access from 2 sides of the cab, due to the 180° opening;
  • new 4-in-1 joystick on all models, providing full control of the vehicle;
  • new on-board computer, which makes it easier to manage the various functions;
  • semi-automatic air conditioning with 7 ventilation vents and sunroof.

Ultimately, a big advantage of Pivot is its maneuverability. Simple and intuitive to use, it is high-performing and easy to operate even in tight spaces thanks to its pivot steering. This telehandler is ideal for operators who work in tight spaces but do not want to do without a high-performance vehicle at a low cost of use.

What features does the Dieci range include?

The Dieci range currently includes four pivot steer telehandlers: Pivot T60, T70, T80, T90, with maximum capacities ranging from 2250 kg to 4100 kg and maximum power ranging from 73 HP to 153 HP.

Each solution has different features to best suit the specific needs of agricultural and construction companies in terms of size, workload and area of use. With the DIECI pivot steer telehandlers, we offer more than one vehicle in a single solution, simplifying the productivity of farms, beginning with their daily work.