Apart from telescopic elevators for the heavy manufacturing and construction sectors, Dieci is a leading manufacturer of self-loading concrete mixers, ranging from the most powerful model, the F7000, with a capacity of up to five cubic metres, to the midrange L4700 and L3500, and the N2400, the smallest in the range, specially designed for use in small spaces.

The next batch of self-loading concrete mixers will be fitted with the new HTS ECO – HTS EVO advanced weighing system, allowing ingredients to be mixed to an extremely high degree of precision while being poured into the drum and creating a perfectly homogeneous result every time.

The heart of the system is the latest-generation Concrete Cube System electronic balance, with a 3.5-inch colour display, 50-key alphanumeric keyboard, analogue and digital inputs, USB port, and integrated printer for data archiving.

The scales are simple and intuitive, precisely measuring the inert materials and automatically adding the required quantity of water. They manage up to 128 mixes, which can be changed as required.

The EVO model allows the insertion of two additives during mixing, contained in 30-litre tanks, and discharges the excess material from the bucket.

Once the operator has loaded the bucket, the mix is weighed while being lifted. The control panel uses sensors on the loading arm to check that the quantity of material being added matches the preselected mix.

If there is too much, the EVO allows the excess to be manually unleaded from the bucket until the required quantity is obtained.

A flow meter monitors the water input in real time, and automatically switches off the flow when it reaches the required quantity.

In the EVO model, the control panel can insert additives from the editable ingredient list by aspirating them from two dedicated 30-litre tanks. The mix can even be measured while the vehicle is in motion, to reduce processing times.

Changes in ingredient quantities can be recorded immediately, printed, or stored on a USB stick for reuse.

The weighing system can be set to one of eleven languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish, or translations of commands can be input via a further five language slots.

The new system is just the latest addition to an already impressive array of technology and cabin safety systems, and another example of the innovation which we regard as standard in our products