New Construction Range from Dieci: always in the vanguard

Always looking forward.
Continuous Development and improvement have always been the guiding principles of our company. We carry forward the evolution of our machines, continuously raising the standards for reliability, efficiency, comfort and safety.  

Our research and implementation addresses technological aspects as well as the range and its performance. Extending the range means being able to meet the requirements of different applications; it is a constant commitment that enables us to offer every customer a telehandler that perfectly matches their needs.
And it is in line with this aim that we are introducing the new construction range, equipped with Stage V engines, which further extends the performance of the Dedalus, Zeus and Samson range of telehandlers with updated technology.

Towards sustainability: Stage V engine  

The first priority of our research is, without doubt, to reduce consumption and emissions, and thereby limit the environmental impact of our machines.
Our move to compliance with the Stage V European standards, which commenced with the Apollo, Apollo Smart and Hercules, continues with our new construction range, comprised of the Dedalus, Zeus and Samson, and will be completed in 2022 with the new Pegasus.  

Wide choice, ease of use and safety 

With regard to design, the guidelines for continuous improvement of the construction range of telehandlers are dictated primarily by market requirements:  

  • different operating requirements call for models that offer a wide range of performance characteristics (lifting capacities, heights, dimensions)  
  • in situations where the same machine may be used by several operators, who may often have different training and levels of experience, it is absolutely essential that the telehandler is easy and intuitive to operate 
  • of course, operator safety is always the top priority; research into new technology helps make these vehicles safer and less susceptible to human error. 

New models and performance for the Dedalus, Zeus and Samson ranges  

The key strengths of the compact, dynamic vehicles in the DEDALUS range lie in their manageability and speed of movement. The new 30.7/30.9 and 34.7/32.9 models are now available in different widths and heights, while maintaining the same agility and efficiency. The new models are equipped with electronically controlled Rexroth transmissions with Creeper function.  

The ZEUS range consists of versatile, compact telehandlers, designed to offer the user the right balance between power and agility wherever it is necessary to handle heavy loads in confined spaces.
The new 40.8, 38.10, 35.11 and 40.13 models are high performance machines designed for maximum productivity and efficiency. In addition to the Rexroth transmission fitted as standard equipment, on the 11 and 13 metre models it is possible to have the predisposition to use the machine with Radio Control. 

The SAMSON is a range of extremely powerful and robust telehandlers. Its outstanding power and lifting capacity make it ideal for heavy, intensive work.
Alongside the Samson 75.10, already equipped with a single extension arm and Stage 5 engine, the range has been enriched with 3 other models: 50.8, 65.8, 60.9, in which the arm, in addition to reaching 10 meters with maximum stability and precision of movements, is been equipped with the advanced functions Shake, Wall and Memory.
All new models are fitted with the Vario System Transmission which implements power, responsiveness and control in maneuvers and improves speed variability: from 0 to 40 km / h without the need to change gear.