• Sollevatori ed Elevatori circuito Dieci

BACK on the TRACK!

We saw them last year, under a changeable and occasionally stormy sky, and they were back this year, gleaming in the gorgeous spring sunlight as they performed the same valuable service: the DIECI vehicles supplied to the rescue team of the Circuit de Catalunya motorsport race track were in action during the first round of the World Rallycross Championship, as well as in the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix. Partly due to the lack of rain, during the Rallycross races (which took place on 27 and 28 April) there was no need for any intervention by our vehicles (which this year were supplied once again by our Spanish dealer COMERCIAL REYMAVIC). That’s not to say there were no rear-end collisions or retirements, but those that did occur posed minimal safety risks. By contrast, the Spanish Grand Prix, held on 11 and 12 May, was a much more frenetic affair in view of its importance.

During practice, qualification and the race itself, the DEDALUS and AGRI PIVOT vehicles supplied by REYMAVIC were required to intervene on several occasions, quickly (but delicately) removing race cars from the track so that the competition could continue. During the practice sessions, first Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes and then Max Verstappen’s Red Bull respectively needed assistance from the Dedalus and Agri Pivot (both due to mechanical problems), before the team was called into action to promptly rescue Lance Stroll’s Racing Point (which crashed out at Turn 9), Bottas again (who spun off at Turn 5), George Russell’s Williams (following a violent impact against the barriers) and Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault.

The actual race went ahead without problems (apart from Ferrari’s disappointing performance) until lap 46, when a duel between Lance Stroll and Lando Norris (driving a Racing Point and a McLaren respectively) unexpectedly ended with both contenders crashing out: the event was suspended while the safety car was deployed onto the track and the rescue team set to work, removing the two cars from the circuit and clearing the debris from the asphalt. In the time that the safety car took to complete just five laps, the track was rendered safe enough to resume the race and it continued without further interruption, culminated in Lewis Hamilton claiming victory for McLaren’s cause, while the DIECI-Reymavic Rescue Team claimed another in the name of safety!