Agri Revolution: DIECI presents the evolution of agricultural telehandlers

For sectors such as cereal cultivation, polyculture, livestock breeding and horticulture, having high performance and innovative agricultural equipment is essential. Agriculture is a sector where comfort and versatility are essential features and Dieci has always aimed at satisfying the needs of the market in the best possible way through a constant commitment to research and development of each component.
Here is where the new range comes from: listening to the needs of operators, paying attention to consumption and the environment, and paying ever greater attention to efficiency, comfort and reliability.

Agri Pivot and Agri Max Power X2 join the “revolution

With Agri Pivot and Agri Max Power X2 Dieci completes the new Agri Revolution Range.
The entire range focuses on innovative technology, strength, safety and ease of use. The new models are equipped with Stage V engines, 360° cushioned cab, new interiors and increasingly intuitive and functional controls.

Continuous evolution

Dieci has always been at the forefront in terms of technological solutions and is continuing the evolutionary process of its machines, with a range designed down to the smallest detail to guarantee maximum driving comfort and high operating performance.
These features make the Dieci telescopic handler a real partner in all agricultural activities: a versatile and multi-purpose machine thanks to its extensive range of performance (in terms of both load capacity and lifting) and its wide choice of equipment.

The innovative features of the range are analyzed in detail:

  • New “Zero Shock System”, which provides 360° cab cushioning. The integrated adjustment, consisting of 4 supports (silent block and hydraulic), is able to reduce shocks and jolts in every direction, offering comfort and stability.
    The Zero Shock System ensures that oscillations are controlled and limited even on the roughest and most uneven terrain.
  • Giugiaro Design cab: comfort and functionality. Renewed design, fine interiors, more legroom and heated seat with 3 suspension systems. The large windows, LED working lights, electrically adjustable mirrors and 3 wireless cameras guarantee excellent visibility and greater safety.
  • New single-lever CAN-bus joystick, a single control that operates travel direction and boom. All functions are monitored by a single control unit for immediate diagnosis. Furthermore, Load Sensing – Flow Sharing hydraulic distributors ensure more efficient work with simultaneous movements.
  • Reinforced boom for increased tilting force and maximum stability with dual cylinder, dual action hydraulic accessory lock.

For superior driving control and performance, Agri Revolution telehandlers feature four types of transmissions:

  • Single-speed hydrostatic, available on Mini Agri, Mini Agri Smart and Agri Star. A high-performance solution that guarantees the best speed-power ratio in any working condition. Fluid maneuvers and millimetric precision are guaranteed by a progressive speed of up to 38 km/h.
  • The 2-speed hydrostatic transmission, on Agri Farmer and Agri Max, provides maximum forward travel precision through efficient electronic management.
  • Vario System, available on Agri Plus and Agri Max, offers four different driving modes (Normal, Eco, Loader and Creeper). The wide speed range makes it possible to travel from 0 to 40 km/h without changing gear.
  • Shift on fly, present on Agri Pivot, guarantees gear shift in motion and greater safety, thanks to automatic braking on slopes.

The range

  • Mini Agri Smart, agile in small spaces, reliable and sturdy. Perfect for lifting large loads even at great heights, the dashboard layout has been totally redesigned to improve access to the spacious cab.
  • Mini Agri, fluid and precise. With the new hydraulic pump working times are reduced by 15%. Fluid maneuvering and millimetric precision are the strong points of this compact and efficient vehicle.
  • Agri Farmer, expands its range with new models of different sizes, making the right product for every need. The different models are available in different widths and heights, while maintaining the same agility and efficiency.
  • Agri Star, agile and fast. High towing capacity even at high speed through hydrostatic transmission. The creeper function is used to stabilize engine RPM and oil flow rate, optimizing performance even while using the equipment.
  • Agri Plus, pure technology. New advanced functions (Shake, Wall and Memory) and dual pump with Energy Saving system for greater stability and responsiveness, even at high power.
  • Agri Max, with a new single-extension boom that reaches 10 meters while maintaining excellent stability. It includes advanced Shake, Wall and Memory functions.
  • Agri Pivot features new comfort, with a larger, soundproofed cab and intuitive design. The controls are collected within the seat-integrated armrest for easier operation. Advanced Shake, Wall, Memory and Floating features are included with High Tech Boom. An even stronger armrest and a flow sharing distributor, for simultaneous management of multiple movements.
  • Agri Max Power X2, the most performing of the whole range. The first telehandler in the world to feature the HVT1 transmission. This hydromechanical transmission with variable displacement makes it possible to switch from a hydraulic component at low speeds, with advantages in terms of maneuvering and precision, to a mechanical component at high speeds.