A telehandler for harvesting olives: Mini Agri 26.6

Working in the agricultural sector can be extremely demanding and requires huge investments of time and energy, above all due to the fast pace of operations. Whereas in the past, the various activities were carried out using basic equipment, today ever-growing investments in innovation allow access to specifically configured vehicles and attachments that speed up and simplify each task. A prime example of this technological revolution is the olive industry, where new high-performance and high-yield solutions have supplanted traditional olive-growing techniques, resulting in greater economic benefits and much more besides.

DIECI’s constant search for technologically specialised solutions led in 2020 to the company establishing an important partnership with SICMA, leader in the mechanised harvesting of olives, dried fruit and hanging fruit in general. Thanks to this partnership, DIECI has developed a line of telehandlers specifically for this sector, by equipping the Agri Farmer and Mini Agri agricultural telehandlers with specialised solutions.

The Agri Farmer and Mini Agri olive harvesting kit

Harvesting olives, almonds, pistachios, pecans and fruits intended for industrial processing (cherries, plums, apples, etc.) is an activity that requires time and effort. To simplify related operations, achieving cost advantages and saving wasted time, growers can now make use of high-performance and innovative vehicles.

With the aim of customising its Agri Farmer and Mini Agri telehandlers for olive and fruit growers, DIECI has entered into an exclusive agreement for the use of a specific kit that incorporates latest-generation SICMA vibrating heads. The high frequencies, double speed and bidirectional vibration motion of the vibrating clamp enable each plant to be shaken in just a few seconds, achieving close to 100% fruit removal efficiency in just 10 seconds. Also, thanks to the self-braking and self-centring system that facilitates approaching and clamping the woody organ, potential stem damage and debarking are limited, ensuring excellent results in total safety. The SICMA kit can also integrate other tools, such as the inverted umbrella, which acts as a base for the fruit to fall onto, further automating and expediting the entire fruit harvesting process.

Once the olive harvest is over, the versatility of the Agri Farmer and Mini Agri telehandlers means that they can easily be converted for general agricultural tasks. The specific equipment can simply be detached and the vehicle fitted with alternative attachments such as buckets, forks, clamps, baskets, winches and other tools.

Telehandler for olive harvesting: which should you choose?

The Agri Farmer and Mini Agri are two very different telehandlers, but both share the same qualities of high performance, strength and versatility. They are excellent vehicles for small or large businesses, thanks to their specific features.

Powerful and technologically advanced, the main advantages of the Agri Farmer telehandler for olive harvesting are:

  • The telescopic boom with a lifting height up to 8.7 m and a maximum load capacity of 3.4 tonnes
  • The tiltable umbrella from 6 to 9 metres
  • The hopper with 350 kg load capacity
  • The soundproofed ergonomic cabin equipped with air conditioning

Compact and versatile, the Mini Agri is the perfect solution for those who need a solution for small jobs in confined and inaccessible spaces. Some main features of this mini-telehandler for olive harvesting are:

  • The telescopic boom with a lifting height up to 5.68 m and a maximum load capacity of 2600 kg
  • The hopper with 300 kg load capacity
  • The umbrella from 5 to 7 metres, with mechanical tilt
  • The spacious ROPS-FOPS approved cab with air conditioning
  • Broad versatility, thanks to more than 30 compatible attachments

Mini Agri 26.6 for olive harvesting in Greece

Specific equipment for olive harvesting, supplied through the partnership between DIECI and SICMA, is available throughout the European market. It therefore comes as no surprise that even in Greece, one of the world’s leading olive-producing countries, DIECI telehandlers are used to harvest the fruits.

In Sparta, the Kalamon and Koroneiki varieties are harvested using the Mini Agri 26.6 with vibrating clamp, distributed by the PANAGROTIKI S.A. dealership. Using this mini-telehandler, olive growers can process up to 500 trees a day, with a crop removal rate of up to 99%.

The main advantages of Mini Agri that simplify the work of Greek farmers are:

  • Maximum agility thanks to the 4 steered wheels and 3 steering modes, which enable easy and precise movement;
  • Towing capacity of up to 4000 kg;
  • Ability to work on rough terrain and steep inclines;
  • Its compact size enables it to manoeuvre even in tight spaces;
  • Reduced travel times thanks to a top speed of 30 km/h on the road;
  • Utmost safety and assurance thanks to the olive shaker coupling supplied in-house by Dieci;
  • Maximum multi-functionality and versatility: at the end of the harvest, the telehandler can be converted for general agricultural use

With the Agri Farmer and Mini Agri equipped with Sicma equipment, Dieci once again delivers highly specialised and high-performance handling equipment for crop harvesting, whilst simultaneously providing multi-functional solutions for a variety of farming activities.