A strange-looking, trailblazing Pegasus

    It is said that people who live in mountainous areas have a well-developed sense of ingenuity, due to the particular environmental conditions. This would seem to be true, judging by the diverse activities of eclectic company Dart Engineering, based in Queenstown in the south of New Zealand, where the Southern Alps reach an altitude of almost 4000 metres.  Dart Engineering mainly specialises in metalworking and metal constructions in general. The company has its own design office that caters to the requests of numerous customers, especially those in the building industry, and engineers prefabricated steel frame constructions, external stairs, parapets and all types of accessories. But Dart’s activities go much further: from motorboats and giant barbecues to industrial plants, civil works and aviation facilities, and from small repairs to the supply of all kinds of equipment to the many local farms. For its activities, Dart Engineering has equipped itself with a Pegasus which, with its unusual orange livery, stands out strikingly on grassy green backgrounds and even on snow, which is often present on the heights surrounding Queenstown.

    To get to its place of work, the Pegasus is often driven under its own power along several kilometres of mountain road (thanks also to the long daylight hours at this latitude) and is sometimes parked outside overnight, no matter how low the temperatures, ready the following morning for the delicate work of positioning prefabricated struts. There is no lack of work around these parts: Lake Wakatipu, on whose banks Queenstown is located, is often used for motorboat races, and the various tasks of the Pegasus also include hauling boats of all sizes, in addition to the most diverse products built by Dart Engineering. The company is a real pillar of the local community in this remote corner of New Zealand, capable of meeting every need with the aid of its strange-looking, trailblazing Pegasus with its unusual livery.