Not many people know that Albert Einstein, one of the famous physicists in the history of science, had a passion for philosophy. He first became interested in it while at college, and it greatly influenced his attitude towards scientific research.

One thing he said about philosophy is particularly relevant to Dieci, a people company that has long been dedicated to continuous improvement.

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.”

The logic of our business is technological know-how, which is essential to the whole way in which we operate.

But only imagination, one of the fundamental components of human nature, can take us to the next level and beyond.

As part of this spirit of innovation, Dieci Magazine is changing from this issue onwards. It will appear quarterly rather than monthly, and will offer more in-depth content, more information about people, places, and technology, and more pages.

It also has a new look, with a better fit between words and pictures and more space for both. In short, it will be even more magazinelike.

Depending on your feedback, we may even introduce further improvements during the year.

But one thing will never change: our desire to share the fruits of our imagination with you.