Finnish bull breeder reveals why he chooses Dieci telehandlers

Thanks to our Finnish dealer Tomas Kjellman, we meet up with Samuel Ingves, a bull breeder who tells us why his Dieci agricultural telehandlers have become irreplaceable company assets.

Being a successful livestock breeder in Finland

An overwhelmingly agricultural country until the end of the 1940s, Finland underwent a major industrial revolution in the post-World War II period that saw the contribution of agriculture shrink to just 2.9% of the country’s current GDP. This is also largely due to geographical and climatic reasons: the country is covered by forests and considerable temperature variations during the year—from as low as -35°C in winter up to 35°C in the hottest summers—create a climate that is far from conducive to agriculture and livestock farming.

Yet within this rather extreme context, a large bull breeding farm is enjoying great success: Ab Euro Bull Oy is located in Härkmerivägen, in the Ostrobothnia region of Western Finland, overlooking the Gulf of Bothnia, and is managed by Samuel Ingves.

Caring for 1500 head of cattle every day

A new barn is under construction that will allow Euro Bull to increase its cattle population to over 1500.
Such a large number of animals obviously means lots of work, in terms of both feeding the cattle and cleaning the stalls.
We caught up with Samuel, who told us more about his work and how our telehandlers are used on his livestock farm:

Samuel’s experience with Agri telehandlers

”For sure, the work is hard in a company like mine. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I spend 1000 hours a year driving, what with feeding animals and moving manure!
And when the new barn opens, that workload will only increase.
”Which is why, together with my associates, we decided to buy our third Dieci telescopic handler from the AGRI line. With its compact size and great agility, it’s perfect for our daily in-and-out runs between the stalls and other tight spots, and it’s powerful enough to let me do the same work in half the time, including all the jobs I once did using a conventional tractor. Just think of the amount of food we have to handle… and for us, just like for all farmers, time is of the essence.

”But there’s another, more selfish reason why we chose the AGRI: the climate here in Finland isn’t like in Italy, where you have the sun all year round [ed. some livestock farmers in the Po Valley might disagree]. Here when it gets cold, it’s really cold!
After trying the air-conditioned AGRI cab, I wouldn’t be without it again for anything in the world!”

A new dimension of comfort: the Giugiaro Design cab

Dieci has always had a reputation as a leader in its field for interior comfort and sensitivity to operators’ working conditions. With the new Giugiaro Design cab, operators can enjoy a truly unique level of comfort: greater legroom, adjustable steering and armrest, a choice of three optional seat suspension systems and a new cab shock absorption system. Then there is the new air conditioning system which, together with the openable roof and roof window, improves air distribution and temperature regulation to create the ideal working environment in every season of the year.