• Dieci sollevatori telescopici edilizia

A telehandler snow plough in the Ukrainian steppes

Mykhailivka, Ukraine: Some 3,500 inhabitants scattered over a large area, 40 km west of Nikolaev, in the great plain around the Bug River: the hromada council (United Territorial Communities, a local government institution) recently ordered the purchase of a snow plough tractor and a shiny new Agri Star 37.7 telehandler with bucket, supplied by TECHNOTORG LLC of Nikolaev, DIECI dealer for western Ukraine.

The 655 Ukrainian hromada allow small, local communities to quickly meet their everyday needs with common sense and economy (thanks to financial decentralisation).
The community of Mykhailivka has decided to invest in the Agri so that it can meet different needs with a single vehicle:

  • assist volunteer teams working in shifts to upkeep the hundreds of kilometres of tracks that connect the various settlements dotted around the region (tracks that can be covered with several inches of snow or mud, depending on the season)
  • maintain the local aqueduct, public park, drains, fishpond, public buildings and public transport stops
  • help local farming cooperatives, when requested and according to the seasonal work calendar

The Agri Star offers the right balance of power and agility and is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission combined with inching pedal control. The inching pedal has two functions: firstly it acts as a brake, and secondly it disengages the transmission. This process makes it possible to increase or decrease the forward speed without affecting the engine’s rotation speed.

The bucket supplied with this vehicle replaces the conventional telehandler forks and can easily shovel snow or other materials such as sand, gravel and cereals.

DIECI buckets are equipped with a sturdy interchangeable rubber profile, which ensures a better grip on materials adhering to the ground.

The versatility of the Agri Star depends not only on accessories such as the bucket, which make it multi-functional, but also its handling agility:

  • 2 steering axles
  • oscillating kinematic mechanism equipped with counter-lever
  • side arm, which greatly increases visibility

Last but not least, the Agri Star’s extremely comfortable Giugiaro Design cab has an air conditioning system that allows the operator to work in comfort even when the frigid winds of the Ukrainian steppes push the outside temperature down to several degrees below zero.