A record-breaking construction telehandler: 4000 bricks laid in one day!

In Australia’s northernmost state of Queensland lies the city of Townsville.
This is the location of the latest success story linked to Telescopic Handlers from the Dieci Construction Range.

The Tropical Bricklaying company: working hard and happy

Founded in 2011 by Jarrad Jones, construction company Tropical Bricklaying is one of the biggest contributors to the development of the city and also of the whole surrounding area.

The firm specialises in erecting brick and concrete block fences for large construction sites: residential and commercial properties, schools, industrial plants, religious centres, hospitals and government buildings. There is no building site in Townsville or its surroundings that Tropical Bricklaying has not worked on.

So, what is the secret of the firm’s runaway success? Definitely a highly professional and capable team with proven experience, comprising people who know how to work hard, efficiently and quickly, but who also know how to have fun and work happy (as we can see from the videos and photos on their social media pages). Here is how they describe their strengths on the company website:

 “We use modern techniques and equipment combined with good old-fashioned knowhow and hard work.”

The team is complemented by a Zeus telehandler

The company’s ethos of hard work, experience and innovation mirrors our own, which is why the partnership between Tropical Bricklaying and Dieci Construction Telehandlers has reaped instant rewards.
The company has equipped itself with a Zeus 38.10: manoeuvrable, powerful and precise, with great fluidity of movement, this telehandler combines in a single vehicle all the various characteristics and features important for building firms such as Tropical Bricklaying:

  • Thanks to the telescopic boom’s extensibility in height and depth, it can even reach high places that are far away from the vehicle’s position.
    Lifting heights from 7 to 13 metres.
  • Load strength is paramount in this type of building site, where large quantities of bricks or concrete blocks need to be moved continuously.
    Load capacity from 3.5 to 4 tonnes.
  • Manoeuvrable even in tight spaces: not all building sites have ample room for movement, but thanks to its two steering axles, Zeus can get around very easily in any conditions.
  • The wide range of accessories makes this an adaptable, multipurpose vehicle, so building companies can optimise their management costs by using it for a variety of different tasks.

The record: 4000 bricks laid in one day!

Tropical Bricklaying prides itself on its fast turnaround of projects, one example being Southern Cross Catholic College in Annandale.
In building this school complex, the installers broke every record, bricklaying at a rate of 4000 bricks per day!

The Tropical Bricklaying Facebook page is full of other impressive endeavours sprinkled with the typical good humour and fun of people who love their work, and we are delighted and proud that the Dieci Zeus 38.10 is one of the team!

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