Noleggio telescopico

Telehandler rental: analysis of the European context

From France to Europe: what is the current state of the telehandler rental market? We discuss the topic with Laurent Quichon, General Manager of DIECI France.
telehandler for harvesting olives

A telehandler for harvesting olives: Mini Agri 26.6

Compact and easy to handle, the Mini Agri 26.6 is the ideal telehandler for olive harvesting, thanks also to the specific equipment configured in partnership with Sicma.
Samoter 2023

New rotating telehandlers and the Apollo 26.6: DIECI brings innovation to SAMOTER 2023

The new rotating telehandlers are back on display at the SAMOTER 2023 exhibition, accompanied by the Apollo 26.6 mini-elevator, sporting an all-new look.
Hercules 210.10 telehandler

The Hercules 210.10 telehandler helping to renovate the Ritom hydroelectric plant

The Hercules 210.10, one of DIECI's strongest telehandlers, gets to work at the Ritom hydroelectric plant.

Why choose a telehandler?

Multi-functional, robust and packed with innovative technologies, telehandlers have become the go-to vehicle on construction sites and farms.
three-boom telescopic

DIECI centring handler: the three-boom telescopic handler beneath the Swiss alps

The DIECI three-boom telescopic handler supporting the Linthal Project in Switzerland in the name of efficiency, comfort and safety.

A year of successes leading to new goals: interview with CEO Ciro Correggi

We talk with the company’s CEO Ciro Correggi, focusing on the successes that marked 2022 and reviewing the upcoming goals of DIECI.
Agricultural telehandler rental

Agricultural telehandler rental: a winning decision by Eurotecno

Agricultural telehandler rental is a growing market which simplifies the work of businesses. That's why it makes sense to hire a DIECI telehandler.
sollevatori telescopici

The versatility of telehandlers captivates every sector

Construction, agriculture, mining and emergency: telehandlers are the successful solution in every sector due to their high versatility.

Samson: a telehandler for coal mining in Indonesia

As versatile and multi-purpose as they are, Dieci telehandlers respond to every need in the mining sector, including vehicle maintenance, carried out by Samson 75.10 in Indonesia.